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Another day, another server upgrade. At this point, our DB upgrade options are limited but in the future we'll be considering Intel's Xeon MP processor (4-way), faster Athlon MP solutions, as well as AMD's Hammer.

With the addition of APPRO's 1124 we can no longer say that all of the servers were assembled by AnandTech, but because of how great of a server it is we'll let that one slide. Other than the 1124, all of the servers running AnandTech were assembled in-house. The servers are connected on a private network courtesy of one Ethernet card in each system, as well as a 24-port 100Mbit SMC switch.

None of this would have been possible had it not been for our excellent host, Elite Internet Communications and their colocation datacenter with Stargate. If you're looking for a host, Elite is the best we have ever had and for those of you that have been long time visitors of AT you'll know that we've seen them all.

These companies helped us tremendously in this most recent server upgrade and we owe them our thanks:

Corsair -
Memman -

We'd also like to thank the following companies for helping us with our servers in the past:

Azzo -
Corsair -
Intel -
Linux Virtual Server Project -
Memman -
Mushkin -
NewEgg -
PogoLinux -
SMC Networks -
TC Computers -
Tyan Computers -

And, of course, a huge thanks to the readers that make AnandTech what it is on a daily basis. Thanks guys.

Behind AnandTech - The Server Pictures

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