Results of GeForce 2 GTS Limitations - The Core

In order to observe true effect of the core and the memory speed has on the GeForce 2 GTS, we independently raised both clock speeds. With a Pentium III 733E running Quake III Arena Demo001, we collected the following data by raising the core speed of the GeForce 2 GTS alone.

As the graphs show, overclocking the core of the GeForce 2 GTS does not result in the same effect as we saw in TNT2 days. True, theoretical fill rate has jumped as high as 960 million pixels per second, 160 million pixels above the stock clocked card, however the immense power displayed resulted in almost no real world performance increase. This is shown by the nearly horizontal lines on the graph, displaying that an increase in core frequency results in almost no performance increase. What is the case for the lack of response to overclocking? To answer this question, we need to observe what happens when the memory clock of the GeForce 2 GTS is raised while the core stays stock. For this, we turn to graphs once again.

Limitations of the GeForce 2 GTS Results of GeForce2 GTS Limitations - The Memory
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