Quake III Arena - Pentium III 550E (cont)

Once again, we see that the KYRO is essentially tied with the 32MB GeForce DDR when in 32-bit color mode and kills the GeForce SDR. As explained in the Quake III Arena 800x600 Pentium III 550E section, the performance difference between 16-bit color and 32-bit color is very small.

At the huge resolution of 1600x1200, the KYRO began to show some driver problems. Prior to this, all Quake III Arena runs were flawless. At 1600x1200x32, the card locked up our test computer several times. Luckily, we were able to get a few runs out of it at this resolution and therefore can report a score.

We see that 32-bit color mode seems to be the pride of the KYRO. At this color depth, the card is able to keep up with both the 32 MB and 64 MB GeForce DDR cards. Although 16-bit color mode is slower than other cards, it does look better than the competing cards.

Quake III Performance: Pentium III 550E Quake III Performance: Athlon 750
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