Intel Pentium II

by Anand Lal Shimpi on May 30, 1997 7:06 PM EST
Windows 98 Performance of the Intel Pentium MMX - Business Winstone 97

Chip Business Winstone 97
Intel Pentium II - 233 Coming Soon!
Intel Pentium II - 266 Coming Soon!
Intel Pentium II - 300 67.1
Intel Pentium II - 338 Coming Soon!

Intel Pentium II Real World FPU Tests - Truespace3 Render Times

Chip Render Time (lower is better)
Intel Pentium II - 233 13:82s
Intel Pentium II - 266 11:51s
Intel Pentium II - 300 10:30s

Intel Pentium II Gaming Performance - WinQuake Framerates

Resolution Intel Pentium II - 233
320 x 200 49.7 fps
512 x 384 29.6 fps
640 x 400 26.4 fps
640 x 480 23.2 fps
Resolution Intel Pentium II - 266
320 x 200 54.5 fps
512 x 384 32.0 fps
640 x 400 28.9 fps
640 x 480 25.4 fps
Resolution Intel Pentium II - 300
320 x 200 57.3 fps
512 x 384 35.8 fps
640 x 400 31.7 fps
640 x 480 31.7 fps

Here you can see the amazing performance increase of the Pentium II over the K6 and even the Pentium MMX. The Pentium II has taken the torch from the Pentium Pro as the new Quake Champ. If you are really into Quake and DOS Gaming (need I mention the upcoming Hexen 2 which is based on the Quake 2 engine) the Pentium II is a must have. Now if Intel could only drop the price of it a few hundred dollars, it would be the perfect chip. At 640 x 480 the Pentium II 300 boasts performance unheard of when using even a Pentium Pro. The Pentium II - 300 performs like a P250MMX with a Monster 3D under Quake. The Pentium II is truly an amazing chip, it has exceeded all of my expectations...oh and one more is FAST!!!

With the Pentium II, once you break the 200MHz barrier, everything seems to fly. As you can see, the difference in frame rates between the Pentium II - 166 and 200 is huge, while the difference between the frame rates between the Pentium II - 233 and 266 is nearly nothing. Where as the K6 at 250MHz gives a huge performance increase over the K6 at 233MHz, it still cannot compete with the Pentium II at 166MHz.

Intel Media Benchmark

CPU Overall Video Image Processing 3D Graphics Audio
Intel Pentium II - 166 227.62 200.69 806.23 178.72 289.01
Intel Pentium II - 200 270.96 238.68 936.18 213.00 345.78
Intel Pentium II - 233 312.42 275.34 1066.06 346.40 397.70
Intel Pentium II - 266 355.34 311.01 1158.63 282.93 456.32
Intel Pentium II - 300 395.12 345.57 1253.34 314.19 511.70

Well, thanks to a great person (FastChip24) who forwarded me the Intel Media Benchmark, I posted some results.

This comparison chart just shows you the increase in Integer and FP performance of the Pentium II over the Pentium Pro, and the Pentium MMX. A Pentium II - 300 gives you about a 73% increase in raw Integer performance over a Pentium MMX 200 or a Pentium Pro 200 and a 63% increase in raw FP performance.


Right now the Pentium II is aimed at the power hungry desktop market, it provides excellent Windows NT performance, and provides the fastest Windows 95 performance on the market today (even though it is just a tad bit faster than a K6 or 6x86MX). However I don't really recommend the Pentium II for a person running only 95, the K6 is a much better and much more affordable option. If you have the money, the Pentium II is worth it, but don't expect it to kill the K6 or 6x86MX under Win95...because it simply doesn't.

Benchmarks (cont)
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  • aditm - Thursday, December 18, 2003 - link

    I'm a fan of Klamath generation
    My PII works greate even with new programs.\
    It's stabile and fast specialy with Microsoft programs suite.
    Eg.- After restarting one of office suite 2000 Profesional or XP (Word,Exel,PowerPoin,etc.) it apears instantly on the screan.
    With only 32 MB of RAM office XP works greate, even multimedia (.avi,.mpg[2][3][4],.dvx,.etc).
    I don't think that an AMD or any other of it's kind can do the same job.
  • SlyNine - Friday, May 4, 2012 - link

    Time to upgrade... I love nostalgia but seriously man, it is time to upgrade.
  • xCyborg - Monday, March 7, 2016 - link

    Go Cannonlake. Go Willow Trail.

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