As we should all know by now, 640 x 480 is the perfect resolution for picking out any driver performance issues as well as noticing the effects of any hardware T&L engines at play.

Since the GeForce 2 GTS is essentially using the GeForce drivers, the performance is expected, although as is evident by the fact that the GeForce 2 GTS is still a tad slower than the DDR GeForce in this test, there are still some driver optimizations that are necessary.

At this point, the GeForce 2 GTS is in a much better situation than the Voodoo4/5 are in terms of drivers.

It doesn't take long for the GeForce 2 GTS to jump up to the first place position which is where it will remain for the rest of our tests.

The added memory bandwidth present on the GeForce 2 GTS gives it a slight advantage in 32-bit color over the DDR GeForce, and the S3TC support of the 5.16 drivers make the extra memory on the 64MB DDR GeForce virtually useless.

At 1024 x 768 the GeForce 2 GTS is almost as fast in 32-bit color as the DDR GeForce was in 16-bit color which is pretty impressive.

In 16-bit color mode, there is virtually no drop in performance from 800 x 600, what we're seeing here is the incredible fill rate power of the GeForce 2 GTS starting to kick in.

The Test Quake III Arena - Athlon 750 (cont)


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