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If there was ever a company that, throughout audio history, have helped define "Sound Quality", it is Klipsch. The ProMedia speakers are a shining example of high-end computer audio. The speakers reproduce sound in the most clear and accurate manner I have heard to date from PC speakers. When a set of speakers come out and rival $1000+ sets of home audio equipment, people stop and listen. As usual, when testing speakers, I used a Creative SoundBlaster Live. I played probably over 200-300 songs over the past week and just can't turn these things off. I also watched some DVD movies and the speakers sound fantastic, only lacking a decoder and an extra speaker to experience 5.1 AC-3 sound. Gaming sounds nothing less than immersive. Playing games like Need For Speed: High Stakes, listening to the roar of your opponent coming up behind you, just adds that extra level of realism. With the sheer power of these speakers, the sounds in certain games, especially those in the low frequency range, are just outstanding. One of the things I noticed in all of the PC speakers I have heard is the subwoofer. Although some of them have sounded great, they still lack that punch that you can feel throughout the room and through your body cavity.

The ProMedias pack an amazing amount of power (400Watts RMS total). Now I'm sure we have all heard someone bragging that their JVC system puts out 200Watts and it's so damn loud, blah blah blah. 400 Watts RMS (root mean squared) - think about that. That is one heck of a lot of power for speakers that sit beside your monitor!. I still sit back and think about the days of having a set of 10 Watt LabTec speakers sitting on my desktop thinking, wow sound on the PC. Look at how far we have come in such a short amount of time. The PC speaker evolution has been an extremely rapid journey from tiny sounding speakers that produced no bass whatsoever to today, having 4-60 Watt speakers in your room with a 160 watt sub. Getting back to the 400 Watts these speakers put out. This is not 400 watts of distortion. As I have said, it's the most clear and accurate sound that I have heard ever in a computer speaker system. To provide the 400 Watts of power, Klipsch uses a BASH (Bridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid) design. BASH essentially modulates the amplifiers' power supply to supply a few more watts than the signal. The amplifier is located inside the massive subwoofer enclosure.

Klipsch have used their famous horn design in these speakers. For each sattelite, you have a MicroTactix horn (in my opinion, still the king in the accurate reproduction of high frequencies). You also have a 3" long throw woofer for clear responsive mid-range reproduction. Combining these, you have a very powerful clear sounding satellite. Now comes one of my favorite parts, the sub. Klipsch really did a thorough job on making sure you get balanced sound, not too much highs and mids, and not too much bass. The subwoofer consists of twin 6.5" woofers in a sixth order bandpass box and a flared tuned bass port. This gives you some extremely punchy bass that you can really feel. The frequency response you get with the satellite and sub package is an oustanding 29Hz - 20,000 Hz. In summary, these speaks provide the user with the best sound experience you can find on the PC market.
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