The Specifications

Permedia3 Graphics Processor
  • Virtual Texture memory management unit
  • 256MB Virtual Texture address space
  • Texture Unit with single pass, multi-texture capability
  • Integrated 300MHz RAMDAC
  • High-speed 128-bit memory interface
  • 7 independent DMA engines
  • Unified 2D/3D raster core
  • Integrated SVGA controller

Professional 3D Rendering

  • Complete OpenGL 1.2 functionality in hardware
  • Virtual Texture Engine in hardware
  • Up to 256MB texture space
  • 2048x2048x32 maximum individual texture size
  • Single pass bump-mapping, per-pixel lighting
  • Gouraud shading
  • Perspective-correct bilinear and trilinear filtering
  • Perspective-correct per pixel MIP-mapping
  • Dual bilinear mip-mapped textures in a single pass
  • Source and destination Alpha Blending
  • Fogging and Depth Cueing
  • Anti-aliased lines and polygons
  • Full-scene anti-aliasing
  • Scissoring and Stippling
  • Stencil buffers
  • 32 bit Z-buffering
  • GID Clipping

Hardware Performance

  • Fill rate - 220Mtexels/sec dual bilinear mip-map textures
  • Fill rate - 110Mpixels/sec trilinear mip-map texture
  • Polygon setup rate - 11M polygons/sec
  • Polygon rate - 2M lit, transformed, displayed, textured polygons/sec (for 500MHz Pentium III)

Board Physical Characteristics

  • Short-card AGP NLX/ATX form-factor
  • AGP 2X and AGP 4X compatible
  • AGP - AGP Version 2.0 Compliant (Now available for order)
  • 32MB of unified SDRAM framebuffer, Z-buffer and texture memory
  • Up to 256MB of host memory used as a Virtual Texture store


  • True color resolutions up to 1920x1200 or 2048x1536
  • 60Hz-120Hz screen refresh rates
  • DDC2B support on all operating systems


  • Windows 98, DirectX 6.1 and OpenGL 1.1 ICD
  • Windows NT 4.0 and OpenGL 1.1 ICD
  • Windows 2000 ready

Advanced Control Panel

  • Optimize system configuration for each professional application

Value-added Software Bundles

  • Sonnetech Colorific, for accurate color calibration and matching (a $50 value)
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD (a $50 value)


  • Bilinear filtered re-scaling
  • Hardware YUV-RGB conversion
  • Hardware MPEG-2 Motion Compensation


  • DB-15 analog connector

System Requirements

  • 100% IBM-compatible PC with Intel Pentium Processor or compatible
  • AGP compatible motherboard (AGP 2x board)
  • Windows 98 or Windows 95 with 64MB system memory, 16MB free disk space
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4

Screen Resolutions

Display Resolution Color Depth Refresh Rates
640x480 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 100,85,75,60Hz
800x600 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 100,85,75,60Hz
1024x768 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 100,85,75,60Hz
1152x864 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 100,85,75,60Hz
1280x960 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 100,85,75,60Hz
1280x1024 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 100,85,75,60Hz
1600x1200 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 100,85,75,60Hz
1920x1080 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 100,85,75,60Hz
1920x1200 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 76Hz
2048x1536 8-bit,16-bit,True-color 60Hz
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