ASUS Eee PC 2G Surf

by Matt Campbell on January 4, 2008 2:00 AM EST


The ASUS Eee PC has seen its share of both praise and criticism. Today we're looking at the recently released 2G Surf model. This is a continuation of our earlier coverage of the Eee PC 4G.

The box of the 2G Surf is well packed. A support CD is included with Windows XP drivers, along with a Windows XP Installation Guide. There is also a Linux recovery CD. Naturally, to use the CD (or install XP), you'll need a USB optical drive.

This is the Galaxy Black model, but the 2G Surf is also available in Pure White, Sky Blue, Lush Green, and fetching Blush Pink. The DVD case shown for scale - the Eee is small. The unit comes with simple key and screen protectors for shipping.

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  • New City Vegas - Wednesday, January 23, 2008 - link

    7 embedded video reviews - ASUS EEE PC (one in German)

    length: 2 to 25 minutes">
  • laok - Sunday, January 6, 2008 - link

    As customers, we need a little competition in the market.
  • laok - Sunday, January 6, 2008 - link

    As customers, we need a little competition in the market.
  • Schugy - Friday, January 4, 2008 - link

    The Kohjinsha is more expensive but it has some nice features like LED backlight, scroll buttons next to the display and more. It would be even cheaper without the microsoft tax.
    Maybe you can make a real UMPC overview with Sony, Everex, OLPC and others including hardware support tests under Ubuntu, XP and VIsta.
  • LEKO - Friday, January 4, 2008 - link

    The Asus eee is a very interesting beast. It is on my "wishlist".

    I think the concept is perfect for people who mainly use a Desktop and sometimes needs a laptop for casual out of the office meeting or couch surfing/mailing.

    From your review, I would suggest a few things to Asus:
    - Have a memory slot for possible upgrade
    - Have 1024 pixels width LCD panel (to match most applications/web sites).
    - Have an SD card reader (To compensate for the SSD small size)
    - Have at lease 2 USB port (Plug a mouse, MP3 player, external HDD)

    For the rest, the concept is great!
  • mmntech - Friday, January 4, 2008 - link

    There are plans for Asus to put a 1024x600 screen in th Eee PC. That will solve issues with programs that require an 800x600 res, especially under XP.">
    Just like a car, it's usually a good idea not to buy the first model year. Gives them time to iron out the kinks. Eee PC 2.0 looks promising, especially with WiMAX support built in.

    My big wishlist for this system is still HDD space and battery life. I'm curious is 2.6h is the average or maximum. If it's the max, it's too short compared to some larger models. The MacBook for example gets about 4-5hr and I'm sure PC laptops with similar hardware are the same.
  • DanaGoyette - Saturday, January 5, 2008 - link

    1024x600 sounds like a really odd aspect ratio.
    1024x640 would be better -- it's a true 16:10 ratio.
    Oh, and I still wonder why the heck ASUS decided to use a runs-at-full-speed-all-the-time (and thus power-wasting) Celeron instead of something like even an old Pentium M.
  • betaluva - Friday, January 4, 2008 - link

    for all your answers go to"> its a REALLY good eee site
  • LEKO - Friday, January 4, 2008 - link

    Oups! Just noticed that the ASUS eee already supports external memory cards (like SD).
  • elpresidente2075 - Friday, January 4, 2008 - link

    With the exception of the panel, all of your concerns are taken care of with the non-surf models. There are rumors of a new model in the march/april time frame, so time will tell if that gets addressed.

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