Chaintech 5TTM

by Anand Lal Shimpi on June 10, 1997 2:17 PM EST
The Test

In recent times, choosing a motherboard cannot be completely determined by a Winstone score. Now, many boards come within one Winstone point of each other and therefore the need to benchmark boards against each other falls. Therefore you shouldn't base your decision entirely on the benchmarks you see here, but also on the technical features and advantages of this particular board, seeing as that will probably make the greatest difference in your overall experience.

Test Configuration

Processor(s): AMD K6-PR2/200 ALR & Intel Pentium MMX - 200
BIOS Revision: Std BIOS
RAM: 2 - 32MB Advanced Megatrends SDRAM DIMMs
Hard Drive(s): Western Digital Caviar AC21600H
Video Card: Matrox Millennium (2MB WRAM)
Busmaster EIDE Drivers: Intel v3.01
Video Card Drivers: MGA Millennium
OS: Windows 95 Service Release 2


Windows 95 Performance of the Chaintech 5TTM

CPU Business Winstone 97 Business Graphics Winmark 97
AMD K6-PR2/200 54.2 97.6
Intel Pentium MMX - 200 51.7 100


Disk Performance of the Chaintech 5TTM

CPU Business Disk Winmark 97 High End Disk Winmark 97
AMD K6-PR2/200 2650 5270
Intel Pentium MMX - 200 2390 4250

In spite of the fact that I couldn't get any overclocked results, the Chaintech 5TTM performs quite well at standard non-overclocked speeds. It is a great board, and should provide some good competition for ABIT's AX5/PX5 series which has been suffering from a number of problems.


The Final Decision

If a jumperless design is a must have for you, and you don't want to take a risk with the ABIT AX5/PX5 series, I would suggest that you seriously consider the Chaintech 5TTM. I hadn't heard of Chaintech boards before I received one for testing, but now I'm convinced, that well-known doesn't always mean well-made. Sometimes great products are found in the most interesting places!

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