ASRock has officially introduced its first graphics cards. The Phantom Gaming family will initially include four GPU models based on the Radeon RX 500-series GPUs and are aimed at the mainstream market segment. The lineup of four boards will allow ASRock to understand its potential on the market, but will hardly pose a strong competition to other players.

ASRock’s Phantom Gaming family consists of four graphics cards running AMD’s Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 GPUs: the Phantom Gaming Radeon RX550 2G, the Phantom Gaming Radeon RX560 2G, the Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX570 8G OC, and the Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX580 8G OC. The cards will ship with default frequencies comparable to those recommended by AMD, but all of them support OC mode that can be activated using ASRock’s proprietary overclocking utility.

All of the Phantom Gaming graphics cards rely on PCBs and cooling systems developed by ASRock. The higher end Radeon RX 570/580 boards use large coolers featuring two fans as well as an aluminum radiator with a copper base and three heat pipes. The entry-level Radeon RX 550/560 adapters are compatible with Mini-ITX systems and feature basic aluminum radiators with one fan. The manufacturer says that it uses premium thermal grease as well as double ball bearing fans to maximize lifespan and efficiency of its cooling systems. To maximize compatibility, all the cards carry DVI-D, DisplayPort and HDMI outputs in order to connect to all kinds of displays.

Brief Specifications of ASRock's Phantom Gaming Graphics Cards
  Phantom Gaming Radeon RX550 2G Phantom Gaming Radeon RX 560 2G Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX570 8G OC Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX580 8G OC
Stream Processors 512 896 2048 2304
Texture Units 32 56 128 144
ROPs 16 16 32 32
GPU Clock Silent 1056 MHz 1103 MHz 1228 MHz 1324 MHz
Base 1100 MHz 1149 MHz 1280 MHz 1380 MHz
OC 1144 MHz 1194 MHz 1331 MHz 1435 MHz
Memory Capacity 2 GB 8 GB
Type GDDR5
Bus 128-bit 256-bit
Clock Silent 5760 MT/s 6720 MT/s 7680 MT/s
Base 6000 MT/s 7000 MT/s 8000 MT/s
OC 6240 MT/s 7280 MT/s 8320 MT/s
Outputs DVI-D DL
DisplayPort 1.4
HDMI 2.0
3 × DisplayPort 1.4
HDMI 2.0
Launch Date Q2 2018
Launch Price ? ? ? ?

So far ASRock has not disclosed any plans to use AMD’s flagship Vega graphics processors, but since it is only entering the market of video cards for the first time, the company is clearly a bit cautious.

ASRock has not announced MSRPs for its Phantom Gaming video cards, but considering the fact that street prices of GPUs are high these days, it is hardly something surprising. Expect the newcomer to sell its products at prices that are competitive against established players.

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Source: ASRock

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  • LordSojar - Thursday, March 29, 2018 - link

    nVidia says "Hey. Partner Program. COMPLY OR PERISH. So that's happening? When? ETA - < 1 year. nVidia says "Hey, thanks. Dump AMD" When? ETA - < 1 year. nVidia gets away with this? Yes! Why? Money! "Okay" says AMD. Courts? "Nah, we're chill bro." says them. Why? CORRUPTION. Then? I dunno.
  • JoeyJoJo123 - Thursday, March 29, 2018 - link

    Illegible comment structure? Maybe.
  • Tewt - Thursday, March 29, 2018 - link

    Good, looking forward to moving to ASRock and away from GPP partners MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS.
  • Dragonstongue - Thursday, March 29, 2018 - link

    I would be, but from my understanding Asrock RMA process for Canada is very subpar (according to many hate on them for this) but alas, we NEED partners that have RMA within canada so as not pay an arm and leg to ship to USA or overseas. Asus and MSI were awesome in this regard as they can handle RMA within canada..

    but GPP BS, they are fools only see $$$ or at least drank the Nvidia koolaid very deeply instead of making a stand and saying "screw you, that is not right" which really sucks because I have been wanting/needing a good gpu for quite a long time now (replace my 7870) I personally have always loved Asus for motherboards and MSI for GPU, but, will not support companies that support direct anti competitive/monopolistic corporations (Nvidia) who ONLY care about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ not quality of their products and never about giving their all to the industry even if they are not directly profiting from it.

    how many time do you recall Nvidia "offering" opensource 3rd party "tweakable" software/hardware like their direct competitor (ATi/AMD) I can count on one hand the amount of times (basically zero) Nv gives "minimum" acceptable run things to the ground and never admits to their BS, whereas (IMO) AMD gives the BEST they can (even if it means and often does less revenue per higher spec product)

    anyways, hopefully Asrock bolsters north america RMA procedures (reduced cost and upset for consumers) as well as increases the "quality" of this experience (which seems to be either 100% very satisfied or 100% piseed off consumers who sought RMA from them)

    will be interesting to see, at the very least hopefully Asus and MSI are not complete putzes and still offer high quality Radeon/AMD products ad not the "poorest quality" options such as DUAL (RX 500) Asus (very poor quality VRM, cooling etc) or Armor MSI (vastly inferior quality cooler compared to their Gaming X brand, which is/was an evolution of their Twin Frozr of course which are not THE best, but for sure among them overall)
  • darckhart - Thursday, March 29, 2018 - link

    Also add in the shenanigans with effects that only run on nvidia like the gameworks junk and now RTX.
  • mrmessma - Thursday, March 29, 2018 - link

    MSI & Gigabyte have signed on, but I have yet to see any evidence of Asus...
  • Samer - Friday, March 30, 2018 - link

    That's right, I also like to play with the underdog, Asrock always have been putting out pretty decent motherboards over the years and finally I think they are getting credit for it. Hope the same thing happens for the Graphics cards.
  • Lukart - Saturday, March 31, 2018 - link

    Looks like they are doing it right, those clocks on the overclocking mode are impressive. Its a nice looking card, would definitely buy one.
  • BigDragon - Friday, March 30, 2018 - link

    I've been happy with ASRock motherboards and their support. I'd be eager to buy their video cards based on past experience. However, there will be no computer upgrading until GPU prices come back down to MSRP. I want to play games and 3D sculpt -- not deal with the cryptocurrency bubble!
  • Luka213 - Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - link

    The more cards out there, the better. Im positive that asrock will fill in a lot of demand from gamers, specially when they do have such a strong position with their motherboards.

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