Intel did release some details about the Prescott core, indicating that it will have a 112mm^2 die size (smaller than the 136mm^2 Northwood core), despite having 1MB L2 cache and a total of 125 million transistors (55 million transistors). The majority of the increase in transistors is obviously due to the increase in L2 cache, although there are also some other improvements made to the core that we've explained in the past.

The transistors should run at a voltage of 1.2V, according to this voltage scaling chart:

Intel also revealed a bit about Dothan, the 90nm follow-on to Banias (Pentium-M). Although they didn't reveal transistor counts, Intel did say that Dothan would feature an 87mm^2 die, which is quite small considering its 2MB L2 cache.

Skeptics of the move to Intel's 90nm process were put to rest as Intel showed data supporting their 90nm process having the quickest reduction in defects in Intel history:

Intel ended the briefing by mentioning that their yields were high enough for mass production, which are fairly high given Intel's standards, although obviously the exact yields weren't disclosed.

Now it's off to Louis Burns' keynote about the "Digital Home"...



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  • Anonymous User - Thursday, September 18, 2003 - link

    Beinteresting to see if the 2mb L3 cache has as little effect as it did when they added it to the Xeons Reply
  • AnonymouseUser - Wednesday, September 17, 2003 - link

    This is called "hype". Pretend that it will happen at such-and-such a date, is ahead of schedule, etc, but delay it at the "last minute" for some "unexpected" technicality. This keeps their "sheep" and their stockholders excited and away from the competition. That is the way Intel does business (some say that is what AMD did with Athlon64, but they DID have the Athlon64 ready a year ago. Delaying it was a smart move, IMO). Reply
  • dvinnen - Tuesday, September 16, 2003 - link

    Jagged lines is evedence? What dose each point mean? And no answer to the reports the Dothan is being delayed because of problems with it's 90 nm tech? Reply
  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, September 16, 2003 - link

    When will the world see actual prescott numbers? If intel doesnt tip their hand at least a little before september 23 they could be hurting themselves. Reply

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