We were supposed to end our coverage of Intel's last single channel DDR chipset (845PE) with our January 13th review of the ABIT IT7 Max2 V.2 motherboard, but since then a few things have materialized, namely 800MHz FSB compatible 845PE motherboards. In particular, ABIT's new 800MHz FSB 845PE motherboard (BH7), the successor to the hugely successful BH6.

We weren't surprised ABIT was planning a successor to the BH6, just excited to hear about it. Though the BH7 won't be nearly as successful as the BH6 was, it has the makings of a stellar motherboard given the features, overclocking options and the selling price.

Read on to learn more about ABIT's latest Pentium 4 motherboard…

ABIT BH7 Version 1.1: Basic Features

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