In and Around the Fractal Design Node 605

Where the Fractal Design Node 605 excels is in the same place Fractal Design typically excels: external design. The aesthetic of the Node 605 is beautiful, symmetrical, and can be had in any color you want so long as that color is black. The brushed aluminum finish of the fascia will only look out of place in your entertainment center if the other electronics you have are substantially cheaper looking (and often can be). Plastic is kept at an absolute bare minimum in this chassis.

Lighting is equally minimal, and that's appreciated. There's a soft blue LED behind the power button, and the red IDE activity LED is hidden behind the small drop-down door in the front of the case. That door also hides all of the I/O. Two USB 3.0 ports are on tap, and again I'm happy to see the built-in card reader. What may throw some people for a loop is the 6-pin FireWire port. FireWire is a dying standard, but many older video cameras use it, so I can see why Fractal Design would opt to include it on a modern case. I don't know that it will see much use, but it's there.

The sides of the Node 605 both feature 120mm vents; two of these vents conceal 120mm intake fans, while one conceals a mount and the fourth is for cooling the power supply. When you move to the back of the case, you can see how Fractal Design arranged everything, and it's pretty simple: ATX motherboard support on the right side of the case, power supply standing on its side on the left.

Opening the Node 605 is as easy as removing two screws from the back of the case. The top panel slides off easily, and features a large acoustic pad on its underside. Note that there are no thumbscrews used anywhere in this design: nothing in the Node 605 is toolless.

Opening the Node 605, I was frankly surprised at just how simple the interior layout really was. I'm coming from the SilverStone Grandia GD04, which was incredibly involved to work inside. The Node 605 is remarkably straightforward, though: motherboard mounting points are obvious, as is the power supply bay. The pair of drive cages hang off of a single rail in the middle of the case, and all of this is easy to remove with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Superficially, the Node 605 just looks like an almost strictly better GD04. It's unfortunate I can't directly compare the two in performance; the GD04 was my second case review here and I've actually refreshed the testbed twice since then. There's the same positive-pressure internal design, but the Node 605 ditches the large 5.25" optical drive bay in favor of a slimline one at the bottom of the case. It also, and this is important, is missing the third intake fan. The GD04 features an intake fan that blows almost directly on the CPU, but the Node 605 doesn't include it, instead offering an empty fan mount.

Introducing the Fractal Design Node 605 Assembling the Fractal Design Node 605
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  • stylinred - Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - link

    Just a note on the video card situation, i've got a matx board in the case and am able to stick a powercolor 6970 inside without the hard drive bays being a hindrance and i've still got room to run cables, etc in front of the video card.
    I don't think I'd be able to crossfire the 6970s (don't know who would want to in an htpc case) there is room between the card and the hard drives (if you mount the hdd facing the other way) but considering the width of the card i dont think 2 could fit
    Second, The fan controller in the case has 3 Fan connectors but they only fit 3pin connectors (i bought 3, 4pin fans -_-)
    I know Fractal includes 2 Fractal fans but even at high speed they're only pulling 40cfm (they're the FD Silent R2 fans) and that wasn't enough imo so I replaced them with some Cougar Vortex fans.
    I contacted Fractal Designs about the 3pin connectors and I must say their customer service is amazing, they sent me a step by step email including pictures on how i could cut the 3pin fan connector to accommodate a 4pin fan which they said would work with the fan controller as they've tested it.
    Instead of going that route though I found some 4 to 3 pin fan connectors online, even 3pin extension cables that could support a 4pin connector.
    Also the molex connector for the fan controller, in my case, was loose so it was a big hassle getting it connected to the power supplies female molex
    Third, The slim optical disc drive, Fractal supplies a mounting kit but no slimline sata connection to power your drive you'll have to buy that yourself you can find them online for as low as a dollar.
    The mounting kit is a bit difficult to install, it was for me anyway, since i left it for the last thing to install -_- and because the screws supplied were larger than the holes on the mounting kit (ever so slightly) so I really had to use some force to screw it in
    Fourth, CPU cooling, There is not much height to the case to attach a large heatsink, Fractal recommends no higher than 125mm if the fans are attached on the sides; this was difficult for me to find a suitable cooling unit,, hydro cooling units won't fit btw there's no room to mount the rad+fan unless you do some modding like having it stick part way out of the case. I was fortunately able to find the Noctua NH-U9B SE2 which fit perfectly inside the case with both fans mounted.
    Lastly areas for improvement:
    I wish that there was a fan on top of the case to help suck air out (like silverstone does, i believe) I'm not sure on what my temps will be like since I haven't gotten it up and running yet but it would certainly ease my mind as that whole right side of the case is really congested with hard drives the gpu and psu and there's only that 1 fan blowing in on the right side but its completely restricted with the grill/the hard drives and the cables; again I don't know what my temps will be like but it would certainly ease the mind and there is certainly room for a fan in that area.
    There's also room, believe it or not, to stick more hard drives in the case and it would be nice if Fractal had included mounting brackets for this but I can understand why not. I bought a pci expansion slot hard drive mount to mount my SSD and a 2.5" drive and there’s still plenty of room; there’s even room for a 3.5"
    Also the aforementioned lack of a slimline sata cable, it would be nice if Fractal had included this considering the price of the case and Fractal needs to improve Quality Control (the loose molex and mounting holes)
    Overall though I'm impressed with the build quality and the looks of the case and I can't wait to start using it, but i've been very frugal in my build using hand me down parts and waiting for all my cables/parts from different vendors.
  • stevegreenham - Friday, January 31, 2014 - link

    Hi - just deciding on a CPU cooler for this. Which MoBo do you have and does the Noctua NH-U9B SE2 cover up any of the RAM slots? Which way round do you have the cooler orientated?
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  • omgtony - Monday, July 15, 2013 - link

    Si votre <a href=" Free 4.0 V2 Homme</a> course est rapide et vous ne souhaitez pas &ecirc;tre limit&eacute;e, chaussures d&#39;entra&icirc;nement l&eacute;ger pourraient &ecirc;tre meilleurs. Ils offrent &eacute;galement bonne traction et un manque de contr&ocirc;le du mouvement pour la mobilit&eacute; ultime, comme trail chaussures, qui sont particuli&egrave;rement adapt&eacute;s aux terrains accident&eacute;s et plus extr&ecirc;mes. En raison d&#39;une semelle plus &eacute;paisse, ils ont la meilleure traction, ce qui les rend particuli&egrave;rement utile pour les surfaces rugueuses. Premi&egrave;re classe voix, esprit positif, autour de la nouvelle technologie sera libre cela nous apporter ? Doit avoir mis seulement l&#39;exp&eacute;rience pour &ecirc;tre. Technologies libres : NIKE une telle formule pour d&eacute;crire les techniques de promotion gratuits. Pieds nus + protection = gratuit. Formule simple d&eacute;crit ad&eacute;quatement l&#39;essence de la technologie libre. &quot;Technologie NIKE FREE est con&ccedil;ue pour simuler la course pieds nus pour &ecirc;tre le meilleur pour stimuler le tendon et les fibres musculaires, le syst&egrave;me tampon naturel vous permet de participer &agrave; des activit&eacute;s visant &agrave; am&eacute;liorer la mobilit&eacute; et la flexibilit&eacute;. Le r&eacute;sultat ? Vous avez une base plus solide et finit par avoir de meilleurs r&eacute;sultats &quot;---site NIKE. La <a href="">nike free run 2</a> diffamation est effectivement un probl&egrave;me difficile et un seul qui exige d&#39;&ecirc;tre avancer avec pr&eacute;caution, si l&#39;on doit rester loin de d&eacute;barquement dans la Cour. &Agrave; droite, Voici plusieurs suggestions pour &eacute;viter des ennuis. Remarque : je ne suis pas un avocat. Je ne re&ccedil;ois m&ecirc;me pas de jouer un particulier &agrave; la t&eacute;l&eacute;vision. Dans le cas o&ugrave; vous et votre weblog &agrave; surmonter quelques questions tr&egrave;s controvers&eacute;es, ou vous ne sont tout simplement pas confiance difficile vous entreriez dans le cas o&ugrave; vous avez publi&eacute; qui proposez sur votre meilleur copain d&#39;amis, je vous sugg&egrave;re d&#39;acqu&eacute;rir en contact avec un avocat pour obtenir la meilleure assistance. Compagnie de Nike a &eacute;t&eacute; en affaires depuis le pr&egrave;s le d&eacute;but des ann&eacute;es 1970 (Nike Free 2011). C&#39;est une soci&eacute;t&eacute; avec une biographie de covet que se sp&eacute;cialisant dans la fabrication et la vente de <a href=" Free 5.0 V4 Femme</a> chaussures de sport. Haut de l&#39;inclut un shell de 1 pi&egrave;ce composite dont les foss&eacute;s le diamant peut &eacute;voluer de la Focus Kobe VI &agrave; l&#39;appui de rainures sur&eacute;lev&eacute;es cr&eacute;ant quelque chose de la micro-rayure Nike Lunar Elite + 2 de conception. La chaussure Nike Free Run est construite pour donner la sensation de courir pieds nus tout en prot&eacute;geant les pieds. Si vous aimez courir pieds nus, mais sont fatigu&eacute;s des dommages que vos pieds endurent &agrave; cause de cela, ces chaussures sont pour vous. MLM recrutement Technique #2: Prospection locale, ou le recrutement de march&eacute; froid. Ce doit &ecirc;tre de loin la plus difficile et plus inefficace, mais &eacute;galement plus courante m&eacute;thode qui a &eacute;t&eacute; transmise &agrave; plusieurs reprises tout au long de l&#39;industrie du marketing de r&eacute;seau/MLM. Dans ce MLM recrutement technique vous dit d&#39;obtenir des cartes de visite, transporter avec vous en tout temps et entamer une conversation avec tout le monde vous viennent en contact avec au cours de votre journ&eacute;e, votre caissier de banque, pour le barista chez votre Starbucks locaux, &agrave; la station-service pr&eacute;pos&eacute; remplissant votre voiture. Faire bref, ne pas raconter toute l&#39;histoire ; juste piqu&eacute; leur int&eacute;r&ecirc;t assez afin qu&#39;ils veulent en savoir plus. Vous vous sentirez regarder tr&egrave;s occup&eacute; avec pas beaucoup de temps de l&agrave; et en discuter, mais de fixer un rendez-vous quand <a href=" alt="Nike Free 3.0 V4 Femme" src=" style="height:107px; width:150px" /></a> vous pouvez rencontrer. Wow, vous pouvez rencontrer. Wow, where do I begin avec tout ce

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