12:20PM PDT - Going hands on!

11:58AM PDT - We are done!

11:54AM PDT - Making tables while the Foo Fighters play, can I always work like this?

11:51AM PDT - Intel thankfully didn't schedule too much this morning, the big stuff comes later this afternoon

11:50AM PDT - Right after this we'll go hands on with the iPhone 5, before hurrying back to IDF for the rest of the day

11:50AM PDT - More Foo Fighters, not going to live blog the lyrics, my hands are enjoying a little break from the event now

11:46AM PDT - Apple's WiFi stayed up the whole time? That makes Apple and Intel both, able to do a great job of running WiFi at major events

11:46AM PDT - I switched the WiSpy DBx to 5 GHz a while back and captured, compared to 2.4 GHz much more sane.

11:45AM PDT - Refraining from doing comparative analysis on the Foo Fighters vs. The Kin from last week's Motorola/Google event

11:44AM PDT - They're playing Times Like These

11:43AM PDT - yep, Foo Fighters just rolled onto the stage, playing live now

11:43AM PDT - I'm almost as excited about the Foo Fighters as I was about the A6

11:43AM PDT - Foo Fighters about to perform?!

11:41AM PDT - (we wish we were reviewing the announcements)

11:41AM PDT - (Tim Cook, not us)

11:40AM PDT - Reviewing the announcements now

11:40AM PDT - Showing a new iPod ad

11:39AM PDT - Tim is back on stage to close things out

11:39AM PDT - Product RED models will be available for all of the iPod models

11:38AM PDT - New nano and touch available in October

11:38AM PDT - New iPod touch: 32GB/$299, 64GB $399

11:38AM PDT - 4th gen iPod touch: 16GB/$199, 32GB/$249 with iOS 6

11:38AM PDT - iPod nano - 16GB for $149

11:38AM PDT - 2GB iPod shuffle $49

11:37AM PDT - Will be included with the 5th gen iPod Touch, 7th gen iPod nano and the iPhone 5

11:37AM PDT - EarPods start shipping as a standalone accessory today

11:36AM PDT - Port in the back provides midrange frequencies, ports in the stem to provide bass

11:36AM PDT - Designed to not seal your ear but just rest nicely in there

11:36AM PDT - Spent a lot of time designing the size of the EarPods

11:34AM PDT - EarPods

11:34AM PDT - 3 years spent in designing an entirely new headphone

11:34AM PDT - "Doing a great headphone is hard"

11:34AM PDT - Shipped over 600 million sets of earbuds

11:34AM PDT - Talking about headphones

11:34AM PDT - "Since we integrate speakers into our MacBook, iPod, etc..."

11:33AM PDT - "Apple is one of the biggest provider of speakers in the world"

11:33AM PDT - Now talking about speakers

11:33AM PDT - Update the colors of the iPod shuffle to match the 7 new nano colors

11:33AM PDT - Five color options, silver, black, blue, yellow, red, each with its own color coordinated loop

11:32AM PDT - Siri is supported

11:31AM PDT - AirPlay Mirroring support

11:31AM PDT - Improved wireless: 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n up to 150Mbps, Bluetooth 4.0 with LE

11:31AM PDT - Front camera: 720p FaceTime HD, backside illumination, face detection

11:30AM PDT - 1080p HD video recording, video image stabilization, face detection

11:30AM PDT - They are definitely trying to turn this into a point and shoot replacement

11:30AM PDT - Push a button on the back of the iPod touch, it pops up and you can attach a looped wrist strap

11:30AM PDT - iPod touch loop

11:29AM PDT - Supports iPhoto from the app store

11:29AM PDT - Panorama feature is supported

11:29AM PDT - Brian: I think this is the same optical system from the 5, but same CMOS as the 4

11:28AM PDT - Significant upgrade to the camera: iSight Camera, 5MP sensor, backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, five element lens, f/2.4, AF, LED flash, sapphire crystal

11:28AM PDT - Now talking about iPod Touch camera

11:28AM PDT - Up to 40 hours of music playback with the new Touch, up to 8 hours of video playback

11:27AM PDT - Modeling more than just physics takes up a good amount of CPU power

11:27AM PDT - Clumsy Ninja will be out this holiday season, uses a good amount of compute if what they are saying is accurate

11:27AM PDT - Showing off Clumsy Ninja doing tricks on a trampoline

11:26AM PDT - Clumsy Ninja learns, the first time he sees a punching bag he's not good at it, but gets better over time

11:26AM PDT - Ray casting out of Clumsy Ninja's eyes, so he can "see"

11:25AM PDT - They modeled his central nervous system and a bunch of other stuff

11:25AM PDT - Clumsy Ninja is a "self aware" character

11:24AM PDT - Clumsy Ninja running on the iPod Touch

11:24AM PDT - New iPod Touch game demo time

11:24AM PDT - dual-core graphics as well, this is likely A5r2

11:23AM PDT - A5 SoC in the iPod touch, dual-core

11:23AM PDT - Nevermind!

11:23AM PDT - Aw man, no mention of silicon - have to check the website

11:23AM PDT - Exact same 4-inch Retina display from the iPhone 5

11:22AM PDT - Bottom: headphone jack, speaker and Lightning connector

11:22AM PDT - Made out of anodized aluminum

11:22AM PDT - Only 88 grams

11:21AM PDT - Brian: this is where the A5r2 will be

11:21AM PDT - iPod Touch ended up being a very popular gaming device

11:21AM PDT - Now onto the iPod touch

11:21AM PDT - 30 hours of music playback battery life

11:20AM PDT - Features all new Lightning connector

11:20AM PDT - Can wirelessly stream music to things like Jambox, car, BT headphones

11:20AM PDT - Fitness and pedometer integrated right into the nano

11:19AM PDT - Widescreen video is supported as well

11:19AM PDT - Integrated FM tuner with live pause so you can pause your FM radio and go back to previous points

11:19AM PDT - available in seven different colors with color matched wallpapers

11:18AM PDT - Home button, volume buttons

11:18AM PDT - multi-touch display

11:18AM PDT - 2.5-inch display

11:18AM PDT - 38% thinner than the previous gen iPod nano

11:18AM PDT - 5.4mm thin

11:17AM PDT - All new iPod nano, 7th generation, looks taller, bigger display

11:17AM PDT - Want to give the nano a really large display, thin, easy to use controls

11:17AM PDT - Want to reinvent the nano for its 7th generation

11:16AM PDT - Talking about the iPod nano now

11:16AM PDT - "add millions and millions to this every quarter"

11:16AM PDT - Over 350M iPods sold

11:16AM PDT - Plz no more major hardware announcements, too many things to benchmark

11:15AM PDT - Now time to talk about iPods

11:15AM PDT - New iTunes available in late October

11:15AM PDT - Brian brought a USB hub here to connect the WiSpy, USB LTE modem and more to his notebook to bring you the best coverage possible

11:14AM PDT - Brian is on photos, doing a great job, give him love up in the comments if you agree!

11:14AM PDT - I like the order of this keynote, iPhone 5 first, iTunes stuff later

11:14AM PDT - Redesigned iTunes store in the new iTunes looks like the new iTunes on the iPad (couldn't possibly fit iTunes more times into that sentence)

11:13AM PDT - Playing Avengers on iPad, can resume where you left off on your Mac using iTunes

11:13AM PDT - iCloud movies, TVs, purchases all integrated in the new iTunes

11:12AM PDT - Still waiting for Apple to talk about making the new iTunes more stable/robust

11:12AM PDT - Integrated search in the mini player

11:11AM PDT - New improved iTunes mini player

11:11AM PDT - Improved search, looks a bit like Spotlight for iTunes

11:11AM PDT - The UI looks different, clean and seems pretty neat, really more curious about performance/responsiveness of the application though

11:10AM PDT - Easy to add songs to play next

11:10AM PDT - New feature: up next, let's you see what songs are coming up next in your playlist

11:10AM PDT - Creating playlists seems pretty simple and quick now

11:09AM PDT - Playlists still on the left in playlist view

11:09AM PDT - Artists can now share photos with you through the new iTunes

11:08AM PDT - New feature called "in the store" lets you see top albums by the artist as well as other recommendations

11:08AM PDT - Clicking on an album expands songs in place

11:08AM PDT - Looks like the same launch icon, but new edge to edge application design

11:07AM PDT - New iTunes for Mac/PC demo happening right now

11:07AM PDT - for Mac/PC

11:07AM PDT - Introducing a brand new version of iTunes

11:07AM PDT - 15 billion downloads

11:07AM PDT - Over 200M customers using iTunes in the cloud

11:07AM PDT - Showing the old iTunes UI now

11:06AM PDT - ohoh talking about iTunes on Mac/PC now

11:06AM PDT - Improved search results in the new stores as well, available with iOS 6 on 9/19

11:06AM PDT - Now you can preview songs while continuing to browse the rest of the store without interrupting the preview

11:06AM PDT - Integrated Facebook likes into every product page in the new store