The LG N2A2 NAS has some other add-on features which may be of use in some specific cases for the target market. These include:

  • Web and FTP server
  • Multi-user support
  • Selective file / folder duplication
  • Full logging of all accesses to the NAS
  • Extensive Mac support (AFP / Time Machine)
  • DLNA support
  • Home monitoring (creating a network camera with the help of an UVC USB webcam)

Amongst these features, DLNA and home monitoring are the ones which deserver further mention. The unit is DLNA certified (unlike the Synology DS-211+), but that really doesn't mean much. Most video content needs to be transcoded into a format suitable for the end device for DLNA to work properly.

It would have been nice if the LG N2A2 were to recognize any IP cameras in the network and record from it. This is done by other NAS vendors like Synology. The LG NAS allows USB cameras to be connected to the NAS. The video can be previewed in the NAS administration page and also be recorded to the hard disk. However, there are two drawbacks to this approach. The first is that only USB cameras complying with the Universal Video Class (UVC) standard are recognized. The second is the fact that the USB interface for the camera severely limits the location of the surveillance camera since it has to be placed in the vicinity of the NAS.

LG seems to have taken the safe route with respect to power consumption numbers in its specifications. At idle, the NAS consumed around 14.4 W of power on an average. Under heavy traffic, the power consumption spiked up to 21.3 W. These numbers roughly correspond to what the DS-211+ consumed. So, there are no surprises here.

In conclusion, it is inexcusable for LG to deliver a NAS model which doesn't allow for the replacement of the internal hard drives. In effect, it is a glorified networked hard disk with some NAS features thrown in. Thankfully, it allows data recovery in case of failures, and the underlying NAS platform / software looks very stable. The data transfer rates are very competitive with other similarly priced NAS products.

When contemplating the purchase of your next 2-bay NAS for home applications, take a look at the price of the competing offerings from other companies. If you can snag this on a deal and don't mind voiding the warranty, the appliance may turn out to be quite suitable in many scenarios. If you can't find any use for the two bundled 1 TB drives, a deal on the diskless version (N2R1) might be worth considering.

Handling Storage Failures


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  • Visual - Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - link

    Stop wasting time with crap like this.
    If you mean to review NAS boxes, find some that are actually worth it, with space for 5 or 6 3.5" drives in RAID 5, preferably with hot-swap support, or just don't bother.
  • ganeshts - Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - link

    Point noted. But, we also need to target home consumer solutions.

    The 5 / 6 drive RAID5 solutions you mention are targeted towards SMBs, and we do cover those too. By the way, we have two boxes which came in after this currently in the review queue (QNAP and Netgear), and I am just starting out with the benchmarking for those.
  • dhiiir - Friday, July 22, 2011 - link

    I have been using Version 1 for several years and it works great. Version 2 is getting good reviews although a few people were upset that it doesn't continue the use of Drive Extender. That didn't bother me too much as there are add-ons for DE if you really feel you need that functionality. The Newegg price for WHS is very tempting.[[ w w w -( upsfashion )- c o m ]]I personally feel that the site is very good, there are many things we need, so I want to share with everyone. I believe you will like it. Reply
  • freez3 - Saturday, February 11, 2012 - link

    Hi @ll,

    first many thanks to AnandTech for the great testings on this NAS.
    It was very nice to see that you have also a deep lock at last single detail,
    data recovery when the main board breaks down.
    You have done a great job!

    Did some body has experience with the NFS shares on this LG NAS?

    I was a little bit surprised as I have seen this feature in the Web Interface,
    because of it was not tested here and it was also not in the feature list of LG and shop I've bought it

    After a quick test, the disillusion I've realized that NFS on N2A2DF2 is very slow only 2 MB/S writing,
    with a mirrored 2TB HDD drives.

    Perhaps one of my settings are wrong.

    Thanks for your help!


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