The life of an Engineer, Sales Rep or Team Leader at an electronics company is a hard one, which requires meetings at every product design stage, and the company has to look after them to ensure a good product from content workers.  In terms of meeting rooms beyond small ones found on most floors, I was introduced to a large 200+ seat hall for presentations that used televisions to broadcast to the back of the room:

In order to feed the staff of the 20 floor building, the canteen on the second floor complimented two restaurants on the bottom floor:

On the 19th and 20th floor however are the company game and weights rooms, overlooking a terrace with views across Taipei.  It’s also fairly close to the local airport so aeroplanes fly quite near.  I was informed that internally they run table tennis/ping pong tournaments often.

There was also a little gem back in the engineers floor I went to – clearly fruit with faces will scare media away:

From a business perspective, having access to these types of facilities is without question.  However, as a long-time consumer and recently a reviewer, I have a new found insight into how complicated it is from the other end – in terms of getting the right people, having the right ideas and access to the right facilities.  This put me in a better position for a Question and Answer session headed by David Chien, Vice President of the ECS Channel Business Unit, for selected media at Computex.

ECS HQ – Design Rooms Question and Answer session with David Chien, VP
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  • StrangerGuy - Sunday, June 12, 2011 - link

    IMO they know how to make excellent products but more often than not they follow up with terminally stupid decisions like not releasing an updated mobo BIOS for easily fixed problems and not even releasing a highly attractive product to some regions (*cough* Acer 3820TG US availability *cough*)
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  • Veroxious - Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - link

    I have also had good experiences with ECS boards. The only thing I can complain about is their northbridge/southbridge chips run unsually hot on their Black Series boards.

    Buying mobos from reputable companies does mean you are less likely to get problems but is does mean you are immune to problems.

    I even have a Jetway LGA775 board running a E5200 @ 3.4Ghz (factory clock is 2.5Ghz) at the max "safe" volts of 1.3625v for 2 years solid. A few weeks ago windows started reporting intermittent errors on one of the cores. I say that is pretty decent showing from what is definitely a budget board.

    Point is it is always a gamble with varying odds. You takes your chances and pays your school fees.
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