For years I'd been visiting Newegg's facilities and I'd always commented, especially in the early days, on how I'd really wanted to take pictures of the facilities and do an article on them. Back when Newegg was much younger, a good portion of its success was due to the efficiencies of its warehouse in filling orders. As many companies in our industry tend to be, Newegg was quite shy and wouldn't let me so much as take a picture the first couple of times I visited them.

Finally in 2006, they opened up to the idea of documenting one of their warehouses. Armed with camera and notepad I toured Newegg's facilitiy in Los Angeles just around the time that it opened its first warehouse servicing the east coast in Tennessee. Fast forward to 2008 and Newegg had just recently unveiled its second east coast facility, this time in New Jersey.

With revenues well over $1B a year, Newegg is no longer the seemingly small operation it once was and the company is much less shy. While the brains behind the original warehouse design has since left the company, the New Jersey facility is an improved, more up-to-date version of what I saw back in LA in 2006.

There are far fewer actual people at the warehouse now thanks to even further automation and, yes, the goal is still to get your order to you within two days of leaving the facility regardless of shipping method. That's actually the whole purpose of building the NJ facility, so that customers on the east coast can actually get their orders within that two day target - even with ground shipping.

For those of you who remember the first article, not much has changed - everything i just a lot newer (and the warehouse is a lot quieter too). I told Newegg that if we were going to do another tour we had to do it exactly like last time, which meant that they needed to give away something special to AnandTech readers. The first time Newegg let me tour their facilities and setup a giveaway it was a very kind gesture, now it has become tradition. I'll get to exactly what you get to win and how in a little bit.

The Warehouse


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  • Darkk - Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - link

    For those who are cringing about bubble wrap and peanuts for OEM hard drives. Well, when I ordered a hard drive a few months ago the drive was shipped from the CA warehouse and they didn't use either packaging at all. Instead, they used special "wadded" heavy duty paper wrapping which is very sturdy and it arrived perfectly intact. Not sure why they didn't do this at all warehouses but it was perfect for the drives. Also very friendly to the environment.

    I've ordered alot of items from NewEgg over the years and most of them usually come from NJ or CA warehouse since I live in northern CA.

  • puffpio - Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - link

    you wouldn't happen to have a picture of the boxing machine? that thing looks like it boxes super fast Reply
  • puffpio - Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - link

    err picture = video Reply
  • MScrip - Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - link

    I love your warehouse... but 2 things made me cringe in those pictures; the bubble wrap and the peanuts. I'm speaking of course about the way you ship OEM hard drives.

    Newegg! You're a BILLION dollar company! Please invest in some foam or plastic hard drive carriers! It makes me sick to order an OEM hard drive and have it taped up in bubble wrap and thrown in a box with some peanuts. That's ridiculous.

    I buy everything from you, but I am so unhappy with your hard drive shipping policies.
  • strikeback03 - Thursday, May 22, 2008 - link

    Why? Every hard drive I have bought from them has had a anti-static bag or plastic case from the manufacturer, the bubblewrap is just around that. Don't see any risk there, so long as you don't open the hard drive and drop it in the peanuts. Reply
  • m3rdpwr - Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - link

    I did not know about the NJ depot.

    Usually I get my order in 3 days being in Mass.

    My order last week arrived next day.

    This would explain it!

  • laixer - Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - link

    I'm in NY and most of the stuff I have been ordering has come from NJ for a long time.

    I'm really disappointed that the contest is not open to New York residents.
  • H8ff0000 - Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - link

    Same here, on both statements...

    Newegg is awesome, this contest is not. I'm curious why we are shun from the giveaway.
  • AmbroseAthan - Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - link

    We are shunned from all NewEgg contests :(. Any give-away contests at NewEgg have always had New York exempted. Must be something in the state laws :-/. Reply
  • Polynikes - Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - link

    Another of many strikes against NY. I'm getting the hell out of this shitty state as soon as I graduate from RIT. Reply

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