64-bit MySQL (Linux 64-bit)

MySQL has released version 5.1.22, which supposedly can scale up to eight CPU cores. That would be a huge improvement considering that all versions earlier than 5.0.37 could only make good use of two CPU cores. In our experience, this new binary scales well up to four cores, but eight cores are easily 20% slower than four core systems. Thus, we tested with a maximum of four cores.


Please note that these results cannot be compared with our earlier MySQL results. MySQL v5.1.22 is a completely different binary than v5.0.2x we tested previously. Although it still doesn't scale beyond four cores, it is up to 70% (!!) faster than v5.0.26 that came standard with our SLES 10 SP1. For smaller servers with four cores, MySQL is once again an ultra fast database.

Moreover, the third generation of Opterons absolutely loves this new MySQL version. At 2.5GHz, it is just as fast (the margin of error is up to 4%) as the mighty Xeon 5472 at 3GHz. As we failed to profile MySQL in depth (CodeAnalyst for Linux still has some quirks), we cannot pinpoint the exact reason why the Opteron 23xx is so good at this. The MySQL database is mostly limited by synchronizing the locks, so we suspect that the slightly faster cache coherency syncing on the Opteron 23xx might be one of the reasons AMD's latest performs so well.

WinRAR 3.62 (Windows 32-bit)

WinRAR 3.62 is a completely different kind of workload.

WinRAR 3.62 Profiling
Profile Total
Average IPC (on AMD 2350) 0.36
Instruction mix
Floating Point 0%
SSE 0%
Branches 9%
L1 datacache ratio 1.13
L1 I cache ratio 0.35
Performance indicators (on Opteron 2350)
Branch misprediction 7%
L1 datacache miss 4%
L1 Instruction cache miss 0%
L2 cache miss 3%

Notice that contrary to the other workloads we have profiled so far, WinRAR does not run perfectly in the L1 or L2 cache. Second, notice the huge amount of loads that happen: more than one per retired instruction.


The massive bandwidth that Barcelona can offer multi-threaded software pays off here. You can also see that the Seaburg chipset improves the score of the 3GHz quad-core Xeon by 7%.

64-bit Linux Java Performance: SPECjbb2005 Fritz Chess and HPC
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  • aeternitas - Thursday, December 13, 2007 - link

    Then why are you here? Details is what technology is about!

    I for one have a pet peeve with tech sites that use the wrong formats in their stories. Slightly damages credibility. Not to say this is a big deal in this case, though .gif is pretty much dead, unless you use an old browser on old tech, but then why would you be reading this story?

    Look on the bright side, at least this isnt a Codec vs. Codec story, where the author uses jpgs for such color-limited screenshots.
  • SonicIce - Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - link

    I think the color depth was decreased alot more than 8 bit. That image only has 33 unique colors in it. Something went wrong with the dithering maybe? 256 is usually more than enough.
  • Justin Case - Friday, November 30, 2007 - link

    Who cares? The only part that suffers is the gradient at the top, all the relevant information is there, and this file is about half the size of what a PNG would be.

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