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Evercool is a Top 5 Cooling Products manufacturer based in Taiwan. Manufacturing is at their facility in Guang Dong, China. The Evercool product line consists of air and water coolers for processors and video cards, fans, hard drive coolers, notebook chill pads, system cooling solutions, and peripheral cooling specialty items. The company was founded in 1992 in Taipei. Evercool opened the China manufacturing plant in 1997. Today Evercool employs 1200 at its Taipei R&D facility and its Guang Dong ISO9001 manufacturing plant.

The Silver Knight was first shown at CES this year and today it can be found for sale at many web etailers such as Newegg. The Silver Knight was originally introduced at a retail price of $59.95. A quick check of the web found it available $45 to $50 from several etailers. This is certainly competitive with the top-line air coolers.

Judging from the size of the silver, black, and red Silver Knight package, you would never guess this is a water cooling system. More correctly it is a hybrid water and air cooling system about the size of a heatsink tower.

Inside the box is a ready-to-mount Silver Knight system, along with the mounting accessories for mounting on an Intel socket 775 or an AMD socket 754/939/940. We also tried the clip on several AM2 boards. The clip is a triple lug design that fits fine on recent flat side AM2 mounting cages. However some AM2 mounts have curved sides and these might require some modification to the clip for proper mounting. Evercool also includes a small syringe of thermal compound. Installation instructions are on the box and prominently displayed at the Evercool website.

The Silver Knight cooler is rather strange looking. The knight's "helmet" top looks more like an alien space ship than a helmet to us. While the cooling core is 8mm copper pipes and aluminum cooling fins, much of the shroud, fan, pump, and cover are plastic.

The standard size 92mm fan blows air through the cooler much like other heatpipe towers, and the 12-pole magnetic pump with a clear housing on the side circulates an antifreeze-like liquid through the 8mm copper pipes. Consider this a heatpipe tower with active circulation for the heatpipes. The clear plastic reservoir and motor on the side glow a soft blue during operation of the Silver Knight.

Mounting is simple and very secure with either 775 or AMD. However, you will have to remove the motherboard and mount the cooler to the motherboard before remounting the motherboard. The hex wrench included for tightening screws barely fits between the cooler top and the screws. It's a tight fit, but not impossible. We ended up hand-tightening the spring screws first and using the hex for the final tightening. The installation is solid and cannot be moved around. That is very good since the cooler weighs in at 960g, which is over 2 pounds.

On AMD the Silver Knight is ready for attaching with an included AMD clip. On the 775 you must first screw on two plates to extend the footprint of the Evercool.

A bottom plate with long attached screws passes through the motherboard, the cooler is placed on the screws, and the cooler is held in place with spring-loaded screws. The completed install is very stable.


Our test system is Intel socket 775, but the Silver Knight will also mount on any recent AMD socket as well. While the manufacturer only specifies AMD socket 754/939/940 compatibility, we had no problem installing the cooler on socket AM2 with recent mounts that feature flat sides and a single connecting lug on each side. The Evercool kit includes the clip for mounting to existing AMD sockets, and the back plate, adapter plates, and spring-loaded screws for an Intel socket 775 install.

Evercool Silver Knight Specifications
Dimensions 130(W) X 126.5(D) X 185(H)mm
Weight 960g
Material Copper Base and Aluminum Fins
Heatpipes 8mm copper heatpipes
Water Pump 12-pole Magnetic Motor
Water System Refillable, should not require refilling for at least 2 years
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Fan Size 92 x92x 25mm
Bearing Type Ever Lubricate Bearing
Connector 3-pin with integral High-Low Switch
Speed Lo Speed 1,800rpm Hi Speed 2,600rpm

The Evercool appears to be a very large cooler, but the water pump and fan overhang at a higher level than many heatpipe towers. This makes mounting much easier than you might expect. The Silver Knight cleared all components on our test EVGA 680i. The EVGA 680i is a difficult to fit board due to the copper-finned heatsink and fan cooling the Northbridge. Installation was also an easy task on the ASUS Striker and ASUS Commando, and on the two new P35 ASUS boards - the P5K Deluxe and P5K3 Deluxe.

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  • Spanki - Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - link

    Off-topic or not... Woot!! Thanks much - I've always hated those mouse-over links.
  • strikeback03 - Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - link

    I never noticed them until I had to visit the site with IE. Guess AdBlock blocks those dumb underlined links too.
  • asliarun - Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - link

    Thanks, Anand! This helps a great deal. Sorry if my rant sounded too much like a... rant.
  • tuteja1986 - Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - link

    I would like to see thermalright design a cooler like that with better result :) Some has to break the 4Ghz :(
  • Griswold - Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - link

    This technique isnt going to take off no matter who makes it because it defeats the purpose of watercooling by design. Just stick to old fashioned aircooling if you want a somewhat space efficient cooling solution.

    If you want high performance and silence, stick to "real" watercooling with a reasonably sized radiator and fan, not some mini-toy that crams everything in a small box and puts it on top of the CPU like this - and this article proves it.
  • goinginstyle - Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - link

    I think the air cooling reviews are just about played out unless we start seeing AMD results. How well does some of these units already tested work on a 6000+ X2 for example. When will we see reviews with true water cooling setups and products like CoolIt's Freezone? I think a lot people would like to know how well a $100 to $150 water cooling system compares to the top air coolers. How does a custom water cooling solution that might run over $250 work for instance and will your processor do 4.2GHz at acceptable temperature ranges with this type of setup. Otherwise, glad I did not buy one of these self contained hybrid units. It once again appears to be marketing over substance.

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