AMD K6-3 Review: Part 2

by Anand Lal Shimpi on December 25, 1998 12:38 AM EST

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That's how things stack up in the end. Without its precious L2 cache, the K6-3 is nothing more than a K6-2, and without its newly found L3 cache, the K6-3 is quickly able to lose the grip it had on the top of the performance charts. The best bet for any user looking for a K6-3 upgrade would be a 1MB or 2MB Super7 motherboard, however as the test results show, older motherboards with 512KB of cache and those that operate only at the 66MHz FSB will be fine with the K6-3 as an upgrade path for the future.

Chances are that the K6-3 won't be released as the world's fastest x86 processor, as Intel does have quite a rollout of new processors due early in January of 1999, however as a true upgrade path for super7, and now older socket-7 motherboard owners, the K6-3 still can't be beat.

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