Sapphire PURE Innovation

Sapphire will release the first in their new PURE motherboard series around August 5th. The top enthusiast board, based on the Grouper Reference Board, will be the PURE Innovation. This is based on the discrete video version of the Radeon Xpress 200 chipset for AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939. There will also be another version based on the RS480 integrated graphics version of the same chipset.

Sapphire and ATI have done an outstanding job of making the PURE ATI board stand out. This starts with silver foil Sapphire packaging... the board window behind the outside flap... the standout white motherboard with red lettering.

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A white board in a window case with UV lighting should have the attention of those who like to show off their computer guts in a window case. This is certainly the first white motherboard that we have seen, and it is just another example of how Sapphire and ATI are out to get the attention of the AMD enthusiast. There is a lot to like that stands out in the appearance of the Sapphire, but most will be even more interested in the options available and how the board actually performs.

ATI Reference Boards Basic Features: Sapphire PURE Innovation
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