Force LS

Like many manufacturers without a NAND fab or controller technology, Corsair's SSD portfolio has focused a lot on SandForce based SSDs, but lately Corsair has been exploring other options as well. We have now seen Corsair SSDs with controllers from SandForce, Marvell, LAMD and even Indilinx if we go all the way back to SATA 3Gbps times. In other words, most of the licensable controllers, although two of them are now out of the licensing game as Indilinx is owned by OCZ and SK Hynix acquired LAMD a while back. With fewer controllers available to license, the times for OEMs like Corsair are getting tougher; Corsair has now partnered with Phison for the Force LS. Phison isn't a complete unknown in the mainstream SSD...

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