LAS VEGAS, NV — Patriot has introduced a rather rare product, an external SSD with a Thunderbolt 3 interface. The Patriot EVLVR offers up to 1 TB capacity, up to 1.5 GB/s sequential read speed and is bus powered, making it a nice optional storage upgrade for modern laptops. The Patriot ‘Evolver’ EVLVR Thunderbolt 3 Portable drive comes in a relatively compact metallic chassis (which measures around 85×40 mm if my calculations are correct) with rounded edges, a LED indicator and a TB3 connector. The enclosure packs an SSD based on the NVMe 1.2-compliant Phison PS5008-E8 controller with a PCIe 3.0 x2 interface as well as Toshiba's 256 Gb BiCS3 3D TLC NAND memory. Patriot’s EVLVR drives will be offered in 256 GB, 512 GB and...

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