NAS and storage server manufacturer Synology sends word this afternoon that they are informing their customers of a currently ongoing and dangerous ransomware attack that is targeting Synology devices. Dubbed SynoLocker, the ransomware is targeting Internet-exposed Synology servers and utilizing a hereto-unknown exploit to break in to those systems. From there SynoLocker engages in a Cryptolocker-like ransom scheme, encrypting files stored on the server and then holding the key ransom. The attackers are currently ransoming the key for 0.6 Bitcoins (roughly $350 USD), a hefty price to pay to get your files back. At this time only a portion of Synology servers are affected. Along with being Internet-exposed, Synology has confirmed that SynoLocker attacks servers running out of date versions of DSM 4.3 (Synology’s operating system)...

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