What I Tested

Video Card Chipset Overclockability
ATI Xpert@Work (AGP) 2D/3D ATI 3D Rage Pro Chipset (no OpenGL Support) Fine at 75MHz bus, problems at 83 & 100 (92MHz)...still functional however
California Graphics 3D Emotion (PCI) 2D/3D 3Dfx Voodoo Rush Erratic at anything above 75MHz
Creative Labs Voodoo 2 (PCI) 3D Only - 3Dfx Voodoo 2 No problems at 75, 83, and 100MHz.
Creative Labs GB EXXTREME (PCI) 2D/3D 3DLabs Permedia 2 Chipset No problems at 75, 83, and 100MHz.
Diamond Monster 3D (PCI) 3D Only - 3Dfx Voodoo Card No problems at 75 & 83MHz, minor problems at 100MHz.
Diamond Stealth II 3D (PCI) 2D/3D Rendition Verite V2100 Chipset No problems at 75MHz, erratic at 83 & 100MHz.
Diamond Viper V330 (AGP & PCI) 2D/3D nVIDIA Riva 128 Chipset Image Distortion at 83 & 100MHz
Hercules Thriller 3D (PCI) 2D/3D Rendition Verite V2200 Chipset No Problems at 83 & 100MHz.
Intergraph Intense 3D (PCI) 2D/3D 3Dfx Voodoo Rush Erratic at anything above 66MHz
Matrox M3D (PCI) 3D Only - NEC/Videologic PowerVR PCX2 Chipset No problems at 75, 83, and 100MHz (92) bus speeds
Matrox Millennium II (AGP & PCI) 2D/3D Matrox Proprietary Chipset No problems at 75, 83, and 100MHz (92) bus speeds
STB Velocity 128 (AGP) 2D/3D nVIDIA Riva 128 Chipset No problems at 75, 83, and 100MHz (92) bus speeds

How I Tested

  • Each benchmark was run 3 times, with the final result being an average of the three.  If any of the three test runs resulted in a failure the entire score was made void and the set of three tests was run again until a reliable set could be achieved or until the benchmark tests failed 3 times in a row.

  • The FIC PA-2012 VP3 Based Socket-7 AGP Motherboard was used for all Socket-7 CPU tests and the AOpen AX6L LX Based Slot-1 AGP Motherboard was used for all the Pentium II tests.  Both test systems were configured identically with no differences other than the motherboard and processor.

  • A full 400MB Quake 2 installation was performed, as well as a full installation of Winstone 97 and Winbench 98.  The CDROM drive present was an AOpen 24X.

  • The Quake 2 Timedemo Frame rates were achieved by typing the following in the Quake 2 Console (hit the '~' key to activate):
                                    TIMEDEMO 1
                               DEMOMAP DEMOx.DM2

       Where x is the corresponding demo number (either 1 or 2) .  All Quake 2 tests were run at 640 x 480

  • All other tests were run at 1024 x 768 x 16 bit color

  • No foreign drivers were present in the test system other than those required for the system to function to the best of its ability

  • All foreign installation files were moved to a separate partition during the test as to prevent them from effecting the test results

  • The ATI Xpert@Work used the beta OpenGL ICD from ATI

  • All 3Dfx based Voodoo accelerators used Glide 2.43

  • All 3Dfx based Voodoo 2 accelerators used Glide 2.5

  • All NEC PowerVR PCX2 based accelerators used the standard PowerVR OpenGL Port

  • All 3DLabs Permedia 2 based accelerators used the default OpenGL drivers

  • All Rendition Verite V2100 based accelerators used the beta OpenGL drivers for the Verite chipset

  • All Riva 128 based accelerators used the Beta nVIDIA OpenGL drivers for the Quake 2 Tests

Now on to the comparisons...

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    This "Three Dee" thing will never catch on, Anand.

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