The Bad

The lack of anything that sets these boards apart from the competition hurt the P6BAP-Me and the P6BAP-A+ more than anything else. However, Elitegroup's cost-cutting is noticeable as well.The P6BAP-Me and P6BAP-A+ included only two fan connectors. It would be nice to see at least three to be more appealing to overclockers.

The FSB speeds were rendered useless by having the force 133 MHz with jumpers when running our 550E at 733. The BIOS allowed no FSB's to be selected once 133MHz was forced.

The performance of the P6BAP-Me was below the rest of the competition. This could be possibly be improved by a BIOS update.

For an ATX motherboard, 4 PCI slots is minimal especially when considering the large size of the P6BAP-A+.

USB Compatibility

  • Number of Front Universal Serial Bus Root Ports: 0

  • Number of Rear Universal Serial Bus Root Ports: 2

  • USB IRQ Enable/Disable in BIOS: Yes

  • USB Keyboard Support in BIOS: Yes

Recommended SDRAM

Recommended SDRAM: 1 x 64MB Mushkin SEC Original PC100 SDRAM; 1 x 64MB Memory-Man SEC Original PC100 SDRAM; 1 x 128MB Mushkin SEC Original PC133 SDRAM

SDRAM Tested: 1 x 128MB Mushkin SEC Original PC133 SDRAM

Manufacturer: The Memory Man
Purchase Web-Site:

Manufacturer: Mushkin
Purchase Website:

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  • Anonymous User - Saturday, October 11, 2003 - link

    The BIOS won't support hard drives greaterthan 32G. Is there a BIOS upgrade for bigger drives? Reply

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