AMD Athlon 800

by Anand Lal Shimpi on December 20, 1999 4:47 AM EST

ProCDRS-02 Viewset

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The ProCDRS-02 viewset is a complete update of the CDRS-03 viewset. It is intended to model the graphics performance of Parametric Technology Corporation's CDRS industrial design software.

For more information on CDRS, see

The viewset consists of ten tests, each of which represents a different mode of operation within CDRS. Two of the tests use a wireframe model, and the other tests use a shaded model. Each test returns a result in frames per second, and a composite score is calculated as a weighted geometric mean of the individual test results. The tests are weighted to represent the typical proportion of time a user would spend in each mode.

All tests run in display list mode. The wireframe tests use anti-aliased lines, since these are the default in CDRS. The shaded tests use one infinite light and two-sided lighting. The texture is a 512 by 512 pixel 24-bit color image.

The scale tips in favor of Intel here once again.

Light-03 3D Studio MAX R2 - Windows NT


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  • xrror - Friday, December 12, 2014 - link

    The thing to remember during this era is that coppermine P3's (or at least, any P3 with integrated cache) were pretty much stupid expensive, and unobtanium to get. While with the Athlon 800 you could actually buy one and not be on a wait list for 2 months.

    Also ugh, RAMBUS and 820 were just way too much money. BX @ 133 with a video card that could handle it - which Geforce 2 era cards started to be built for that was where it was at if you were Intel. Or you just waited like everyone else for the Athlon Thunderbird to come out... =)

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