Super Talent-

Super Talent is introducing a 512GB MLC based SSD drive at the low cost of $149.99. Oh wait, we are reflecting what the 2012 price is expected to reach. Let's back up a few years and do this over. Super Talent is first out of the gate with the MasterDrive RX 512GB Solid State Drive that is available today at a price of $1499.99.

The 512GB MasterDrive RX has top sequential transfer speed ratings of 230MB/s for reads and 160MB/s for writes. The MasterDrive RX line also includes the MLC based 128GB and 256GB drives with the same performance ratings. Super Talent is also releasing SLC based drives in 128GB and 256GB capacities with higher sequential write speeds up to 200MB/s according to their internal test results. Super Talent warranties the SLC MasterDrive RX series for three years and the MLC products for two years. The official press release is below.

"Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced that it is now shipping the MasterDrive RX family of Solid State Drives (SSDs) in capacities up to 512GB.

The MasterDrive RX features Super Talent's proprietary RAIDSSD� Technology to enable extremely fast sequential read and write speeds. The MasterDrive RX with MLC NAND Flash comes in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB densities and is rated for a maximum sequential read speed of 230MB/sec and a maximum sequential write speed of 160MB/sec. The MasterDrive RX with SLC Flash comes in 128GB and 256GB densities and is rated for a maximum sequential read speed of 230MB/sec and a maximum sequential write speed of 200MB/sec.

Jeremy Werner, senior product marketing manager at Super Talent, stated "The MasterDrive RX is the latest product utilizing our patented RAIDSSD Technology. This product is great! From a performance standpoint it's like having two SSDs in the space of one, and it extends our standard 2.5" SATA-II product line to include a 512GB SSD." The 512GB MasterDrive RX retails for under $1500.

Model Information-

FTM28GE25H SX28B6E25H 128GB MasterDrive RX
2.5" SATA-II (MLC) 230/160 MB/sec
FTM56GE25H SX28B6E25H 256GB MasterDrive RX
2.5" SATA-II (MLC) 230/160 MB/sec
FTM12GE25H SX28B6E25H 512GB MasterDrive RX
2.5" SATA-II (MLC) 230/160 MB/sec
FTD28GE25H ST28A6E25H 128GB MasterDrive RX
2.5" SATA-II (SLC) 230/200 MB/sec
FTD56GE25H ST56A6E25H 256GB MasterDrive RX
2.5" SATA-II (SLC) 230/200 MB/sec

All these products are designed to be compatible with all known operating systems including Windows, Linux, and OSX. Super Talent backs the SLC versions with a 3-year warranty and the MLC versions with a 2-year warranty."

HighPoint Technologies-

After dropping the price of the RocketRAID 4320 controller to $329 a couple of weeks ago, HighPoint is back with another deal this week on their RocketRAID 4310 4-port SAS RAID controller. Their press release is listed below.

"HighPoint Technologies is partnering with to offer the RocketRAID 4310 with Intel Inside. This 4 port SAS RAID Controller with the Intel IOP348 is offered at the industry low price of $229. The RocketRAID 4310 with Intel Inside is the fastest and most reliable I/O Engine in the SAS RAID controller industry.

HighPoint has recognized that the struggling economy has forced many businesses to offer lower costing products to entice customer spending. By offering the RocketRAID 4310 at $229, customers will get the highest value for their purchase with the industry’s highest performing and most robust SAS Hardware RAID controller.

The RocketAID 4310 supports the fastest bus speed with PCI-Express x8 and features one internal mini-SAS connector to connect 4 SAS or SATA hard drives. Support for a battery back up unit (BBU) maximizes data protection without sacrificing performance.

SAS scalability fulfills the ever increasing need for adding more storage capacity. Scaling to higher capacities enable customers to pay only for the storage they need. Scalability is ideal for file server and content intensive storage platforms requiring the best combination of cost and capacity storage solution.

Backward compatibility to SATA hard drives fulfills the need for storage hungry applications. The lower cost and higher capacity SATA drives are ideal for setting back-ups, archiving and storing detail media files.

The higher performing 15K RPM SAS hard drives offer the highest sustained transfer rates for performance hungry applications. Streaming I/O involves digital video and requires high sustained read and write throughput. The RocketRAID 4310 with 15K RPM SAS drives can achieve 1GB/s of sustained throughput for these streaming I/O environments.

Don’t miss out on the huge savings for your storage needs. Purchase the RocketRAID 4310 for $229 exclusively through

General Specifications -
  • Host Adapter Architecture Intel IOP348 (800 MHz)
  • Up to 256MB DDR-II Memory
  • PCI-Express x8
  • 1 internal mini-SAS/SATA Device Port Up to 4 SAS/SATA Hard Drives 128 max hard drives via SAS expanders
  • NCQ (Native Command Queuing)
  • NVRAM Battery Backup Unit Ready (BBU-03) Low Profile Supported
RAID Features-
  • RAID Levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD
  • Multiple RAID Support
  • Online Array Roaming
  • Automatic RAID Rebuild
  • Automatic Drive Insertion
  • Quick Initialization
  • Online Capacity Expansion / Online RAID Level Migration
  • Hot Spare - (global)
  • Configurable stripe size
  • Staggered Drive Spin-up
  • Bad Sector Repair and Remapping BIOS Booting Support
HighPoint RAID Management (HRM) Suite-
  • Web GUI management utility
  • CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Firmware / BIOS Management
  • Independent RAID Module Onboard
Monitor, Alert & Indicators-
  • SMTP (Email Notification) (Hard drive activity and failure) LED SAF-TE chassis environment monitoring
Package Contents-
  • RocketRAID 4310 Series SAS/SATA Hardware RAID Controller, RocketRAID SAS/SATA user manual, Software CD with (Drivers and Manual), Low profile bracket, 1 internal mini-SAS to internal mini-SA. "

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  • Einy0 - Sunday, April 19, 2009 - link

    I know that was friggin' cruel. I was pulling out my credit card already.
  • StoveMeister - Thursday, April 9, 2009 - link

    I note Super Talent don't say a word about what controller is being used in their drive, and quote exclusively speeds of sequential reads and writes. You'd think they'd learn after all the articles written lately about a) Crap controllers in SSDs, and b) How useless sequential performance is as a predictor of real-world performance.
    They may get more takers at that price if they have a really nice random R/W performance and a nice controller.
  • skiboysteve - Thursday, April 9, 2009 - link

    considering Anand said some companies are going to release 512GB SSDs shortly based on the crap JMicron controller... and this doesn't specify what controller it is... im considering it worthless
  • strikeback03 - Friday, April 10, 2009 - link

    Plus, the SSDRAID thing makes me think dual-JMicron like the OCZ Apex or G.Skill Titan.
  • The0ne - Thursday, April 9, 2009 - link

    Well, my hopes for this year on flash and SSD capabilities are looking like they're going to come true :) With this announcement I no longer worry that SSD will fall too behind on flash memory (microSD, memory stick, compact, etc). I have good confidence in Super Talent as all my memory are from them and they've performed spectacularly well.

    512GB is only a piece of the pie and I certainly hope by the end of the year we will see SSD really rivaling HD, in capacities. Flash technology is already there for the capacity so I'm not to concern about them. It's more marketing, manufacturing and what not to bring them out.
  • gwolfman - Thursday, April 9, 2009 - link

    Btw, the picture of the controller is incorrect.
  • Peggy - Sunday, April 12, 2009 - link


    You can link this address for HighPoint RocketRAID 4310

    The image in this page is RR4320.

  • The0ne - Thursday, April 9, 2009 - link

    Please don't make another statement like "ops, another one slipped through the cracks." Too many of these statements make for a very poor reputation on my part. If you're having too many, please (Anandtech) do yourself and your followers a favor and proof the articles before making them public.

    I'm sorry, I usually don't rant about grammar and spelling but after a while, as a test engineer myself, it gets to me.
  • yacoub - Friday, April 10, 2009 - link

    this isn't even an article, it's an advertisement.
  • gwolfman - Thursday, April 9, 2009 - link

    I've heard from many people on multiple occasions that the Intel onboard RAID controller are always inferior to dedicated RAID controllers such as the one listed here. Does it really make that much of a difference? I can possibly only see a slight difference in RAID 5 (XOR calculations) if any. Can someone point me to a review (or the like) which compares Intel onboard RAID controller (ICH) to a dedicated RAID controller? Thanks.

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