Can you believe it?  It's been almost four years that AnandTech has been up and running online.  It has always been overwhelming to think about where we came from and where you all, our readers, have helped us go.  You've taken what started out as an idea on a Geocities page to an online magazine with a circulation of just under 3 million people.  Saying thanks is the absolute least we can do, but keeping AnandTech and the Forums a place where you can continue to come to for entertainment, enjoyment and education is definitely something that you all deserve. 

We have been experiencing tremendous growth at AnandTech over the past few months.  Traffic has more than doubled since we made our major server upgrade in August of last year, however until recently we were running on a relatively unchanged server setup.  In order to cope with the increase in traffic we had to plan out yet another server upgrade, however this time around the situation was much more complicated.  Our software load balancing solution that was used to make sure that you all would get put on the servers with the least amount of load at any given time was unfortunately showing its flaws and resulted in quite a few undesirable side effects.  At the same time we ran into an unfortunate bug with a few of our server boards, proving that long-term real world use is the best test of reliability we can offer. 

Without further ado, let's take a look at the issues we encountered, how we dealt with them, and what the new AnandTech Server Setup looks like. 

Mayday, mayday, we're going down


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