NVIDIA's insistence on a 6-month graphics card product cycle definitely pushes the industry to improve at a very fast pace but at the same time, it does cause quite a bit of frustration to those that spent $300 on a card 6-months ago that has only been replaced by a much faster product at the exact same price.

Upgrading computer hardware can be just as addicting as improving your stereo system, or tweaking your car, and unfortunately it can be just as expensive as both of those hobbies.

Luckily, every now and then, there is the occasional driver update from NVIDIA that gives us the 1 or 2% increase in performance that somehow tides us over for a little while longer before the next upgrade.

Today, alongside the GeForce2 Ultra, NVIDIA is releasing a brand new set of drivers that not only make the GeForce2 Ultra perform at the best of its ability, but claim to improve performance on virtually all other NVIDIA cards as well.

NVIDIA's Unified Driver Architecture
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