Today's computer speaker market leaves the end-user a bit out of breath. You have a multitude of features to choose from. Cambridge Soundworks has been one of the top players in this market for quite some time now. Offering everything from 2-channel to 5.1 channel speaker solutions. The demand for more power and more speakers has been met with an onslaught of 4 and 5 channel-based solutions. But what about the user that just needs a couple of speakers and a sub? The user who doesn't care about 3D audio or playing DVD movies on their PC? You may think that there aren't many of this kind of user. There are plenty of people out there who are content with a 2.1 channel solution.

Cambridge SoundWorks has been making solutions for the 2 channel market for awhile. The market has changed a bit - users are a bit more demanding about their sound quality, and volume. Cambridge met this need in November, 1999 with the SoundWorks Digital computer speakers. These speakers offer a very decent level of sound quality and volume for a very low price. The SoundWorks digital speakers are based on the ever-so-popular DTT2000 design.

Cambridge SoundWorks was initially co-founded by Henry Kloss in 1988. Henry Kloss has been a major player in the home audio market since 1952, when he co-founded Acoustic Research. Since then, he has been involved in such companies as KLH and Advent, which are both successful players in the audio market. What does all this mean? Well, essentially you have a solid foundation of audio knowledge (i.e. Cambridge Soundworks) behind some very good marketing (Creative Labs).


  • Available in black
  • Satellite Power Output: 8.0 Watts/Channel
  • Subwoofer Power Output: 22.0 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20kHz

    Package Contents

  • One wooden subwoofer
  • Two satellite speakers
  • 9ft/3m speaker wire, bared at both ends
  • 6ft/2m stereo-to-stereo cable
  • 6ft/2m RCA-to-RCA cable
  • Volume control
  • RCA bracket
  • Documentation
  • AC Adaptor
    Sound Quality
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