System Performance: UL and BAPCo Benchmarks

Our 2022 Q4 update to the test suite for Windows 11-based systems carries over some of the standard benchmarks we have been using over the last several years, including UL's PCMark. New additions include BAPCo's CrossMark multi-platform benchmarking tool, as well as UL's Procyon benchmark suite.

UL PCMark 10

UL's PCMark 10 evaluates computing systems for various usage scenarios (generic / essential tasks such as web browsing and starting up applications, productivity tasks such as editing spreadsheets and documents, gaming, and digital content creation). We benchmarked select systems with the PCMark 10 Extended profile and recorded the scores for various scenarios. These scores are heavily influenced by the CPU and GPU in the system, though the RAM and storage device also play a part. The power plan was set to Balanced for all the PCs while processing the PCMark 10 benchmark. The scores for each contributing component / use-case environment are also graphed below.

UL PCMark 10 - Performance Scores

The SYS-E102-13R-H is held back by two aspects - the 28W PL1 setting and the use of DDR5-4800 RAM. As a result, the system makes its appearance in the middle of the pack in the above graphs, with higher TDP systems managing to easily surpass it in the performance numbers.

UL Procyon v2.1.544

PCMark 10 utilizes open-source software such as Libre Office and GIMP to evaluate system performance. However, many of their professional benchmark customers have been requesting evaluation with commonly-used commercial software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe applications. In order to serve their needs, UL introduced the Procyon benchmark in late 2020. There are five benchmark categories currently - Office Productivity, AI Inference, Battery Life, Photo Editing, and Video Editing. AI Inference benchmarks are available only for Android devices, while the battery life benchmark is applicable to Windows devices such as notebooks and tablets. We presents results from our processing of the other three benchmarks.

UL Procyon - Office Productivity Scores

The trend in the scores is similar to what was observed in the PCMark 10 workloads, largely for the same reasons - low PL1 and entry-level speeds for the DDR5 RAM.

From an energy consumption viewpoint, the system fares slightly better due to the lower PL1 setting, and lower DRAM power. These aspects help the SYS-E102-13R-H provide better energy efficiency compared to most of the other systems.

Moving on to the evaluation of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, we find the SYS-E102-13R-H in the middle of the pack, thanks to the available power budget and RAM speeds.

UL Procyon - Photo Editing

The same aspects help the system on the energy efficiency front, similar to what was observed in the Office workloads.

UL Procyon evaluates performance for video editing using Adobe Premier Pro.

UL Procyon - Photo Editing

The relative positioning of the SYS-E102-13R-H is similar to what was seen in the Office and Photo Processing workloads, largely for the same reasons.

On the energy efficiency front, the system comes out on top by a healthy margin, indicating that the configuration of the system is optimal for energy-efficiency video encoding.

BAPCo CrossMark

BAPCo's CrossMark aims to simplify benchmark processing while still delivering scores that roughly tally with SYSmark. The main advantage is the cross-platform nature of the tool - allowing it to be run on smartphones and tablets as well.

BAPCo CrossMark - Sub-Category Scores

The relative performance numbers seen in the UL benchmarks also translate to CrossMark, as expected. The responsiveness ratings vary significantly due to the usage of a Gen 3 SSD in the SYS-E102-13R-H, compared to Gen 4 ones in others. Other numbers directly correlate with the PL1 values of the processor in the systems.

Setup Notes and Platform Analysis System Performance: Application-Specific Workloads


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