Yesterday we reported that MSI announced a wave of firmware updates designed to address and alleviate potential issues with users on AM5 using AMD's Ryzen 7000X3D processors with 3D V-Cache. One of the main changes with MSI's latest UEFI firmware for AM5 included voltage restrictions when using Ryzen 7000X3D series CPUs. Further to recent reports of users with AMD Ryzen 7000X3D processors experiencing damage to their chip and motherboard socket, we reached out to AMD this morning to seek clarification. AMD has just responded with an official statement concerning the current problem.

The statement directly from AMD is as follows:

"We are aware of a limited number of reports online claiming that excess voltage while overclocking may have damaged the motherboard socket and pin pads. We are actively investigating the situation and are working with our ODM partners to ensure voltages applied to Ryzen 7000X3D CPUs via motherboard BIOS settings are within product specifications. Anyone whose CPU may have been impacted by this issue should contact AMD customer support."

As the statement clarifies, AMD themselves are investigating the issue that users have been experiencing, which has been reported on through various channels such as social media and Reddit. This is further to MSI, which launched new firmware yesterday, and ASUS announced new firmware today for users with AMD Ryzen 7000X3D processors, such as the Ryzen 9 7950X3D and the Ryzen 7 7800X3D. The new firmware specifically limits the SoC voltages applied so that these critical limits aren't breached when users enable AMD EXPO memory profiles on supported DRAM.

While AMD hasn't officially confirmed the problem regarding the burnt pads on the Ryzen 7000X3D series processors and the burnt pins within the motherboard socket, AMD is actively looking to resolve this issue. One theory thus far is that the issue is being triggered when users are enabling AMD EXPO memory profiles – which, much like Intel's XMP counterpart, is technically a form of overclocking and officially voids the product warranty. Given the rollout of new firmware, which targets SoC voltages and restricts them, all things point towards voltages and overclocking said processors, which are, by default, multiplier and CPU VCore locked.

AMD is actively working with motherboard vendors such as MSI, ASUS, GIGABYTE, and ASRock to roll out the new firmware. AMD also specifies that if users have a Ryzen 7000X3D processor affected by this problem, to contact AMD customer support directly.

Update (04/27): AMD has officially made a second statement regarding the Ryzen 7000 and 7000X3D burnout issues. It is as follows:

We have root caused the issue and have already distributed a new AGESA that puts measures in place on certain power rails on AM5 motherboards to prevent the CPU from operating beyond its specification limits, including a cap on SOC voltage at 1.3V. None of these changes affect the ability of our Ryzen 7000 Series processors to overclock memory using EXPO or XMP kits or boost performance using PBO technology.

We expect all of our ODM partners to release new BIOS for their AM5 boards over the next few days. We recommend all users to check their motherboard manufacturers website and update their BIOS to ensure their system has the most up to date software for their processor. 

Anyone whose CPU may have been impacted by this issue should contact AMD customer support. Our customer service team is aware of the situation and prioritizing these cases.

Image source: Speedrookie/Reddit

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  • Silver5urfer - Tuesday, April 25, 2023 - link

    The most unfortunate part is the reddit user sending the processor to GN as if Steve at GN is like some HW guru lol....Plus that dude was like 12VHPWR is the User error you are holding it wrong and shamed Igor's lab about his findings on the NTK vs Astron connectors. FF to 2023 CableMod finally releases the 90 degree and 180 degree Adapters with Astron Tulip design and Intel ATX 3.0 specification also does the same along with Sense Pin depth revision. Cements how bad his HW analysis was, same for the LGA1700 bendgate disaster, he was too late (right in time for Derbaur's Thermalgrizzly Contact frame campaign, btw Thermalright frame is better for those who are into that contact frame DIY as Thermalgrizzly Derbaur's is having a risk of ruining the Mobo PCB) by that time even Anandtech reported, Igor's Lab reported and so many users also reported.

    The reason I bought this up is. AMD needs to know what happened to the processor and issue a proper statement. More over all those Toms Hardware MSI findings where are those processor photos and did the user sent them to AMD or someone else ? And news flash Derbaur is claiming his 7900X has the same problem but he is rather showing how his CPU is at a slanted angle for 5 seconds that's it. No information on the processor, nothing. Except ofc it is de-lidded.

    Disclaimer is I do not even own any AMD part, I skipped Zen 3 because it rightfully had IODie instability once you touch DRAM OC past 3200MHz and the USB drop outs no AGESA could fix them. My guess is it's due to the 3 variable system on the Uclock, Memclock, Fclock.. Zen 4 fixed all of them by decoupling that links to 2 variables now.

    Finally back to the Zen 4 X3D, ASUS mysteriously taking it down in a quick manner was also really weird so was MSI, like did they happen to know how the Voltage offset register on X3D processors was exposed just by looking at the Reddit CPU in question ? Shame these things a lot of time to analyze and give some response which is proper. Also the whole XMP and EXPO I was mentioning other day, they OC the Voltage thats why the "warranty is void" on paper if you know what I'm talking about. So on Intel XMP = higher VCCIO/VCCSA and on AMD it's SoC voltage I guess. Lack of AMD documentation on the processor like Intel datasheet is also a small annoyance tbh to understand about each variable in the BIOS selection for these advanced high tech processors nowadays.
  • Silver5urfer - Tuesday, April 25, 2023 - link

    Correction: Astron is the one with Dimple Dot design which is being revised, NTK is the superior Tulip design. CableMod uses NTK connectors.
  • ballsystemlord - Tuesday, April 25, 2023 - link

    People can send their CPUs, broken or not, to whomever they feel like. GN, for their part, have already helped in diagnosing several problems with HW so far. So, it's not like they're new to this sort of thing -- although I doubt that they have the tools necessary to root-cause this problem.
  • DigitalFreak - Tuesday, April 25, 2023 - link

    What’s with all the GN hate? You sound like a Linus stan.
  • meacupla - Tuesday, April 25, 2023 - link

    Honestly, this person is well known for going on weird and random, wall of text, rants that don't really make a whole lot of sense. It's best to just ignore everything they say.
  • Samus - Wednesday, April 26, 2023 - link


    GN sensationalizes everything. We need engineering analysis not drama.
  • alpha754293 - Wednesday, April 26, 2023 - link

    "GN sensationalizes everything. We need engineering analysis not drama."
    You CLEARLY didn't watch the video about this issue from derBauer, where he EXPLICITLY mentions that GN has sent the sample that he received to a failure analysis lab.

    Doesn't GET more "engineering" than this.
  • fonsui - Wednesday, April 26, 2023 - link

    I wonder if anyone has reached out to see if they can be helped. Anyone going off like this, with these types of posts, certainly when it is consistent, probably needs help. Just look at all the emotion packed into that post - taking general technical issues personally, making claims about the efficacy of the work done by a very well-respected shop, etc. People who react this way ought to get kindness and understanding, but they end up either being ignored, or argued with in an very unhealthy way.
  • heickelrrx - Wednesday, April 26, 2023 - link

    I'd say that person really fortunate if someone want to bought your broken stuff at full price

    now you can switch to alternative product that isn't having Burning issue

    Customer have no obligation to help AMD to Fix the issue
  • Silver5urfer - Thursday, April 27, 2023 - link

    ASUS said full refund. AMD as well.

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