AMD K6-300

by Anand Lal Shimpi on July 20, 1998 2:55 PM EST

One of the biggest criticisms of AMD's K6 processors has been the low clock rate in comparison to their Pentium II counterparts.   While Intel was pushing the 266MHz barrier AMD had just released their 200MHz chips.  Intel released a 300MHz Pentium II, AMD responded by making a 233MHz K6 available in larger quantities.  Intel once again pushed the limits with a 333MHz processor, AMD's answer?

A delayed 266MHz K6...fortunately AMD managed to break through the "tradition" they had established with their newest processor, the AMD K6-300.  Within a few weeks of releasing the highly anticipated, yet poorly timed release of the elusive K6-266, AMD leaked rumors of extremely high yields on the new 0.25 micron chips.  These high yields translated into the possibility of a 300MHz K6 processor being released, but these were all rumors.   Rumors that have since come true.

Looking on the web you can find quite a few vendors charging a decent price for the 266MHz K6, and now you can even find 300MHz parts at a competitive price.  However from what we've learned from the K6-266, the performance in comparison to a Pentium II isn't too great, in fact, between the Pentium II - 266 and the K6-266, the Pentium II is a much better buy. 

What makes things different with the K6-300?   Nothing really.  The 300MHz K6 is still slower than a Pentium II - 300, albeit about $25 cheaper.  The price difference should be the reason you go for a K6-300 over a Pentium II - 300...with that settled, why on Earth would someone want a K6-300?   There is one reason, and it's what makes this round different from the past, watch out Intel, it's AMD's turn now...

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