by Ga'ash Soffer
Before I begin the actual review of the ADA305, I am going to talk about a pretty relevant topic; how to review a speaker system. Choosing the right speakers is undoubtedly an important decision to someone purchasing a multimedia / gaming PC. I have done my best to make this review as informative as possible; however, be aware that this review is largely subjective. ADA305
So, how did I review the ADA305? I divided the review into three portions: Specifications, Installation, and Analysis / Conclusion.  


Drivers (per satellite): Two 3 inch full range drivers
Driver (subwoofer): One 6 inch dual voice coil
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Satellite Power: 20 Watts (5 watts per driver) at <0.8% THD
Subwoofer Power: 20 Watts at <0.8% THD
Input Impedance: >10K ohms
S/N Ratio: >70 dB
Single Port USB Node
USB 1.0 Specification Compliant
UL/CUL/CE Approved

As you can see, the ADA 305 unit is USB controlled. This does NOT mean that you absolutely NEED USB to use these speakers; however, in order to control volume, surround sound capabilities, etc. USB is needed.


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