After reading about Intel's latest mainstream desktop chipset most readers are now waiting to see how retail motherboards based on the 865 series of chipsets (specifically 865PE) will fare against motherboards based on Intel's high-end 875P chipset. To be accurate we should say most users have been waiting, as 865-based motherboards have been available since April. In fact three weeks ago I would have been able to stroll into my local PC Club and purchase 865-based motherboards from three different manufacturers. Since we were bound by an agreement with Intel not to post any 865-related reviews until our NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) lifted on May 21st, we were unable to bring you a review of a retail 865 motherboard several weeks ago.

However today that all changes. Just one day after Intel launched their 865 series of chipsets we are bringing you a full review of the latest retail motherboard based on the 865PE chipset. Read on to find out our thoughts on Albatron's PX865PE Pro II….

Albatron PX865PE Pro II: Basic Features
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