01:52PM EDT - Goodbye Keynote

01:51PM EDT - I'll have some more info coming later along with hands on with some of the products

01:51PM EDT - not so much Windows but that's not surprising since the big Windows news was last year

01:51PM EDT - lots of talk about Bots this year

01:51PM EDT - and with that - the keynote is over

01:50PM EDT - and he is here - going to be doing some sessions later on

01:49PM EDT - very powerful use of this tech

01:49PM EDT - demo video of a blind software engineer at Microsoft using the Intelligence services to write an app which can analyze an image in real time to tell him what is going on where he is looking

01:42PM EDT - showing off the capture bot and how it can determine context from an image

01:40PM EDT - visual API can recognize objects in images

01:40PM EDT - showing off the new APIs for cognitive services

01:38PM EDT - over time the bot should learn more and need to do that less

01:38PM EDT - showing how a bot can hand off to a human if it doesn't understand the question

01:36PM EDT - Lots of talk about natural language with bots

01:30PM EDT - showing off a simple bot in Visual Studio that can order a pizza from Dominos

01:28PM EDT - open source bot builder SDK available on GitHub

01:28PM EDT - everything you need to get your bots talking

01:27PM EDT - Announcing Microsoft Bot framework

01:27PM EDT - Dan Driscoll on stage to demo the Cortana Intelligence Suite

01:26PM EDT - Cortana Intelligence Suite running on Azure is available as a bot framework

01:25PM EDT - Satya back on stage. "Want all developers to be able to fuse intelligence into their applications"

01:23PM EDT - and now a Skype for Hololens video

01:23PM EDT - Starting today, consumers will have access to bots in the latest Windows, iOS, and Android apps for Skype

01:22PM EDT - intelligence coming to real time video chats

01:22PM EDT - now announcing Skype Video bots

01:21PM EDT - Cortana pre-populates the text to the friend to let them know you will be in town

01:20PM EDT - after booking the hotel, Cortana then suggests to chat with a friend of yours in that city

01:20PM EDT - that's pretty good

01:20PM EDT - After seeing an appointment in another city, Cortana suggests connecting with the Westin bot to book a hotel room

01:19PM EDT - the demo looks like its on the new UWP version of Skype

01:18PM EDT - and then Cortana will take care of it for you

01:18PM EDT - Cortana will send you Skype messages to ask to get things done

01:18PM EDT - Cortana integration to Skype chats coming soon

01:17PM EDT - talking about adding more abilities from within conversations

01:13PM EDT - lots of insights and actions will be available

01:13PM EDT - Cortana improvements look good

01:09PM EDT - extensiblity of Cortana shown off with the ability to book a table at a restaurant or find a tour

01:08PM EDT - Can send text messages from Cortana, Cortana will add info from the text to your calendar if appropriate

01:06PM EDT - adds flight info to appointments

01:05PM EDT - Cortana now in Outlook, able to add appointments automatically to the calendar

01:04PM EDT - Cortana support coming to the lock screen

01:03PM EDT - Marcus Ash from the Cortana team coming on stage to show off the future plans for Cortana

01:01PM EDT - "Human language is the new UI layer"

12:59PM EDT - Tai got twisted very quickly when launched in North America

12:59PM EDT - talking about Tai and how it didn't meet their mark

12:56PM EDT - Wants to bring human language to all platforms

12:54PM EDT - "Conversations as a Platform"

12:54PM EDT - excited "Windows can be the dev box of choice"

12:53PM EDT - Satya Nadella back on stage

12:52PM EDT - We're almost 90 minutes in and no talk of data lakes yet - sounds like that will be tomorrow

12:51PM EDT - and the app is here at Build so we can see it later

12:50PM EDT - exhibit will be open at the Kennedy Space Center summer 2016

12:50PM EDT - showing off Destination Mars

12:49PM EDT - several apps already in production using mixed reality

12:49PM EDT - talking about NASA

12:49PM EDT - Demo done. Alex is back

12:47PM EDT - VR works as well, although you'd lose your place in the class

12:47PM EDT - teaching is got to be one of the big uses of AR

12:46PM EDT - Demo of remote teaching with Hololens

12:45PM EDT - showing off the Holographic anatomy program

12:44PM EDT - Case Western University will use Hololens as part of the curriculum

12:42PM EDT - app is in the store today too

12:41PM EDT - all of the code is available via GitHub

12:41PM EDT - they asked for ideas, and they built Galaxy Explorer

12:41PM EDT - Alex talking about Share your Idea

12:40PM EDT - Microsoft Hololens will start shipping to developers today

12:39PM EDT - I have a demo of Hololens later today. It's been almost a year so curious to see the updates

12:38PM EDT - now Alex Kipman is here to demo Hololens

12:37PM EDT - and a demo

12:37PM EDT - fastest adoption of new DX in DX history

12:37PM EDT - Now talking DX12

12:36PM EDT - more announcements coming at E3

12:36PM EDT - background music also coming with the update

12:36PM EDT - anything is better than the current voice interface through Kinect

12:36PM EDT - Cortana also coming to Xbox One

12:36PM EDT - coming with the Anniversary update

12:35PM EDT - finally discussing the store

12:35PM EDT - preview of Dev Mode available today

12:34PM EDT - UWP gives access to speech recognition APIs on Xbox

12:33PM EDT - all xaml controls designed for touch, mouse, and controller

12:33PM EDT - no extra work needed for controller support

12:33PM EDT - have to register the Xbox as a dev kit using an app

12:33PM EDT - Using Visual Studio, you can remote deploy to the Xbox for testing

12:31PM EDT - can be used by app developers to test their UWP apps

12:31PM EDT - Xbox Dev mode announced - convert the retail Xbox One into a dev kit

12:30PM EDT - as a demo, they ran Witcher 3 through the same converter to bring it to UWP

12:29PM EDT - with live tile support

12:29PM EDT - demoing Age of Empires II HD as a UWP

12:28PM EDT - multi-gpu support coming as well

12:28PM EDT - that's good - lots of complaints about that

12:27PM EDT - Adding support to disable VSync and adding GSYNC and FreeSync support in May

12:27PM EDT - Phil says UWP will give better performance for games and better safety for users

12:26PM EDT - also I changed the top image since someone said it was too large - refresh your page

12:25PM EDT - PC, Xbox, phone

12:25PM EDT - Windows 10 is the best platform for Game Developers

12:23PM EDT - Phil Spencer coming on to discuss gaming. Terry was just doing an intro

12:21PM EDT - And demo over, Terry Myerson back on stage

12:21PM EDT - Visual Studio has an emulator for Android to help debug and remote designer for iOS

12:20PM EDT - Microsoft bought Xamarin which allows you to code in C# and run on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac

12:19PM EDT - Now showing off Xamarin

12:18PM EDT - you can then add another project in Visual Studio to handle the UWP things like notifications and live tiles

12:17PM EDT - converting can be done with no change to the original code

12:16PM EDT - converts it to an appx package

12:16PM EDT - brings the Win32 app to the store and gives it access to all UWP APIs

12:16PM EDT - converts Win32 apps to Centennial which is the Win32 bridge

12:15PM EDT - Desktop App Converter announced

12:15PM EDT - moving on to Win32

12:15PM EDT - showed off editing code in emacs

12:15PM EDT - bash brings the power of open source command line tools to Windows

12:13PM EDT - Bash should help devs who rely on open source frameworks

12:12PM EDT - Android bridge was also a subsystem even though it's dead now

12:12PM EDT - this is a subsystem, not the first to be added to WIndows

12:11PM EDT - native Ubuntu binaries running on Windows

12:11PM EDT - Bash Shell is coming to Windows

12:11PM EDT - devs struggle using WIndows as the home dev box

12:11PM EDT - Now moving on to hosted web apps

12:10PM EDT - software ruler sounds gimmicky but that's been one of my struggles when using the pen

12:10PM EDT - showed off the inking ruler again

12:08PM EDT - "we want all devs to be able to quickly and easily add ink to their code"

12:08PM EDT - and some neat layering with lighting

12:08PM EDT - showing off real-time blurring

12:07PM EDT - UWP gives hardware acceleration to apps with the GPU

12:06PM EDT - can't be a developer conference without code in the keynote right?

12:06PM EDT - now we get to see some code

12:06PM EDT - electronic flight bag

12:05PM EDT - Boeing talking about UWP to help the pilot with real time decision making

12:04PM EDT - showing a Boeing video

12:04PM EDT - thousands of companies piloting Windows Store for Business

12:04PM EDT - Facebook bringing their App SDK to UWP too

12:03PM EDT - Facebook bringing a new UWP for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger soon

12:02PM EDT - Terry back on stage discussing Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

12:01PM EDT - Microsoft is very bullish on inking. It's not something I use much but Josh likes it on the iPad

12:00PM EDT - Adobe shown off with software stencils being used with the pen

12:00PM EDT - software ruler being showed in PowerPoint now to line up images

11:59AM EDT - cross out a word and it is deleted

11:59AM EDT - can be used to edit

11:59AM EDT - Pen being showed in Office now

11:58AM EDT - can draw a line on a map and the map will show you the distance

11:58AM EDT - showing inking in maps

11:57AM EDT - likely there's a security option to not allow this

11:57AM EDT - Inking is available above the lock screen

11:56AM EDT - pretty neat

11:56AM EDT - Sketchpad has a software ruler

11:56AM EDT - 72% of people use pen and paper for more than 1 hour per day

11:55AM EDT - nice bit of integration

11:55AM EDT - when he wrote call mom tomorrow, tomorrow was recognized and Cortana added it as a reminder

11:54AM EDT - showing off Sticky Notes now

11:53AM EDT - letting users know which apps support pen and giving access to recently used inking apps

11:53AM EDT - pushing the pen button now lets you launch the Ink Workspace

11:52AM EDT - Now discussing inking updates

11:52AM EDT - able to log into a website with a fingerprint

11:52AM EDT - Bryan just showed off Edge and Hello integration

11:50AM EDT - Bryan Roper now on stage to show off the new update

11:50AM EDT - will come to Xbox One with (finally) the store

11:49AM EDT - new Ink experience

11:49AM EDT - Edge will support Windows Hello for Authenitcation

11:49AM EDT - this was previously code named Redstone

11:48AM EDT - Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming this summer to all Windows 10 users

11:47AM EDT - Lots of new device types

11:47AM EDT - Windows 10 has been out for 8 months and being actively used by over 270 million people

11:47AM EDT - Windows 10 has been out for 8 months and being actively used by over 270 million people

11:46AM EDT - Windows 10 is our home for this evolution

11:46AM EDT - Discussing going beyond the GUI and mouse and keyboard

11:44AM EDT - Now to discuss Windows 10 is Terry Myerson, head of Windows

11:42AM EDT - new categories of devices including IoT

11:41AM EDT - Windows 10 is the fastest growing version of windows with consumers and enterprises

11:41AM EDT - 1.2 billion office users have access to Azure apps

11:40AM EDT - building in Azure gives you access to over 5 million businesses already in Azure AD

11:39AM EDT - we are building three interconnected platforms

11:39AM EDT - cloud is a new form of computing

11:39AM EDT - for us mobile first is the mobility of the experience

11:38AM EDT - "we want to make things so that others can make things and make things happen"

11:37AM EDT - Have to make choices to ensure that the way we use technology helps us make progress as a society

11:36AM EDT - privacy, jobs, etc

11:36AM EDT - profound questions and issues

11:35AM EDT - Discussing technology in our lives

11:34AM EDT - Satya Nadella on stage

11:33AM EDT - And it begins

11:28AM EDT - Just saw a Microsoft hearts Linux image on one of the big screens

11:28AM EDT - Just a couple of minutes now

11:20AM EDT - Hopefully we get an announcement on Xbox One getting Universal Windows Platform apps today as well

11:20AM EDT - iOS (Islandwood) is still in progress

11:20AM EDT - The Android bridge has been killed off. Not sure if there will be any chatter about that here for a way forward on that one

11:19AM EDT - Last year one of the more interesting bits was the announcement of the bridges for iOS and Android

11:19AM EDT - Keynote is scheduled for about ten minutes from now

11:17AM EDT - Last year was a big year with the launch of Windows 10. I expect some more updates on that, especially a new adoption number, but the cloud is likely a big part of this years keynote

11:16AM EDT - Good morning everyone. I'm here at the Moscone center in San Francisco to see what's going to be new with Microsoft this year

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  • davegraham - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    can you get rid of that massive header picture? it forces content to the very bottom of the page.
  • Arnulf - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    Yeah and who came up with the bright idea of posting this stuff in reverse-chronological order?!

    Are we supposed to read it from the bottom up?
  • JoeyJoJo123 - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    It was always done this way on Anandtech, even for the last Apple keynote about a week ago.

    That being said, it's still an awful format.
  • at80eighty - Thursday, March 31, 2016 - link

    its a PITA when it refreshes and you need to keep scrolling down. This way the page stays static
  • Space Jam - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    >11:46AM EDT - Discussing going beyond the GUI and mouse and keyboard

    Ah I see the Lizard people at MS's upper management still drink heavily.

    Open letter to MS:

    Dear replicant humans,

    With time all repeated behaviors trend towards the one of maximum efficiency.

    For humans interacting with a computer, a big, high resolution monitor with GUIs interacted with by mouse and keyboard is fairly efficient. We have touch screens and whatever and they're really not efficient because moving a hand 10" takes longer than swiping a mouse 0.5".

    Or to put this succinctly, you want to MINIMIZE the number of interactions for a desired input.

  • Space Jam - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    Also you want to minimize the time the interactions take.

    ...after the colossal trainwrecks that are Kinekt and Win8, you'd think Microsoft would get that their 'forward thinking' attitudes towards UI are terribly misled and they should let companies not led by robots try innovating in UI.

    Then again, if MS isn't attempting innovation it's copying others in a pathetic cashgrab and that's how we ended up with Bing and Winphone.

    Ooh! I've got an idea for MS. How about an innovative new Windows release that isn't busy selling user information for ad revenue?

    I noticed something else but it deserves its own comment chain.
  • JoeyJoJo123 - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    It seems that despite the massive layoffs when Satya Nadella took over for Steve Ballmer, the lizard-people responsible for Kinect and Windows 8's UI disaster somehow maintained their jobs into the Nadella era.
  • xthetenth - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    Dear Humans,

    If you're the humans, then who's buying and using all these lovely tablets with touch screens and styli we're making? They're fantastic customers, and it makes sense to target them regardless of whether they are something other than humans capable of engaging with UI design mechanics.
  • MrSpadge - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    "beyond the GUI and mouse and keyboard" does not have to mean touch screen. And I don't think you honestly want them not to discuss and evaluate new things.
  • Space Jam - Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - link

    >12:02PM EDT - Terry back on stage discussing Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

    Blah blah UWP advantages Windows store good blah.

    >12:11PM EDT - devs struggle using WIndows as the home dev box

    >12:11PM EDT - Now moving on to hosted web apps

    >12:15PM EDT - bash brings the power of open source command line tools to Windows

    >12:13PM EDT - Bash should help devs who rely on open source frameworks

    I am literally without words. How can MS be so lacking in self-awareness?

    The problem with Windows is its not a good open source platform...right after they display a proprietary store's advantages and why it's so great and going to be pushed further.

    >12:25PM EDT - Windows 10 is the best platform for Game Developers

    I am feeling emotionally assaulted by this stupidity.

    Good job MS, you keep up with the propaganda.

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