At the MSI suite this year at CES, one of the updated systems on display was the new MSI Vortex W25. The W25 is a workstation version of the G25, a popular mini-PC that packs some super high-end hardware into a super small PC chassis. I saw the G25 with a Core i7-8700 and GTX 1080 inside back last year, and one of my responses to MSI was to create a professional version. It looks like something was already on the cards, with this new W25. What makes the W25 a ‘workstation’ product, aside from the green lighting and the logo change, is changing the graphics inside to an NVIDIA Quadro. The exact Quadro cards to be used in the W25 are not yet determined...

Cherry Introduces New Low Profile RGB Switches at CES 2018

This year, Cherry, one of the leaders in mechanical keyboard switches, and more often than not the ‘go-to’ for enthusiasts, is releasing a new low-profile switch. It is called...

13 by Joe Shields on 1/12/2018

MSI Releases Vortex: A Mac Pro-Like SLI PC for Gamers and VR, from $2199

We originally laid eyes on the final design back at CES, but now MSI has begun to sell its Vortex gaming desktops in the US. The 6.5-liter systems resembles...

31 by Anton Shilov on 3/17/2016

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