It looks like many of the bundles in this “two weeks of daily bundles” are going to be previously used bundles. I’m okay with that, as there are plenty of people – including me – that missed out on some of these. Today for instance we have a return to Team 17, which we saw last October. Here’s the list of games, as usual, grouped by pricing and sorted alphabetically: Pay $1 or more: Superfrog HD (56%, 11/2013): retro platformer in the vein of Super Mario Bros, updated to HD Worms Blast (73%, 11/2002): a puzzler/action hybrid similar to Bust-a-Move (if you can remember that one) Worms Crazy Golf (~60%, 10/2011): miniature golf variant with Worms’ shenanigans Worms Pinball (~60%, 10/2011): a 3D pinball game, but with only one...

Humble Weekly: Team17 Worms, Frogs, and Aliens (Oh My!)

The Humble Android 7 sale has come to a close, with over 200,000 people joining up to the tune of more than $1.2 million. I missed the last couple...

9 by Jarred Walton on 10/31/2013

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