TSMC has been offering its System-on-Wafer integration technology, InFO-SoW, since 2020. For now, only Cerebras and Tesla have developed wafer scale processor designs using it, as while they have fantastic performance and power efficiency, wafer-scale processors are extremely complex to develop and produce. But TSMC believes that not only will wafer-scale designs ramp up in usage, but that megatrends like AI and HPC will call for even more complex solutions: vertically stacked system-on-wafer designs. Tesla Dojo's wafer-scale processors — the first solutions based based on TSMC's InFO-SoW technology that are in mass production — have a number of benefits over typical system-in-packages (SiPs), including low-latency high-bandwidth core-to-core communications, very high performance and bandwidth density, relatively low power delivery network impendance, high performance efficiency, and redunancy. But...

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