Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, a technology developer from Japan, has developed the industry’s first 8.3 and 13.3-inch OLED displays featuring an 8K resolution. The monitors use crystalline oxide semiconductor technology and they are likely preliminary designs for future product commercialization. The company also recently showcased a bendable 8.6-inch OLED panel, potentially for a foldable tablet or smartphone. Size Resolution PPI Refresh Rate Bendy 8.3-inch 7680 x 4320 1062 60 Hz - 13.3-inch 7680 x 4320 663 120 Hz - 8.6-inch 1900 x 1200 263 60 Hz Yes Both of SEL’s OLED panels featuring a 7680×4320 resolution use a color filter that relies on CAAC-IGZO (c-axis aligned crystalline indium gallium zinc oxide) material. The 8.3-inch 8K panel can boast with a rather high pixel density of 1061 pixels per inch and has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The larger 13.3-inch 8K panel features a pixel density of...

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