Everspin has announced that Sage Microelectronics is introducing a new enterprise SSD controller that supports Everspin's latest 1Gb magnetoresistive memory (MRAM) chips. A similar partnership between Everspin and Phison was announced last week. Everspin's toggle MRAM is well-established as a non-volatile memory option for embedded and industrial applications, with a strong record for reliability. However, their small capacities of up to 16Mb (so far) have severely limited the potential use cases. Everspin's more recent spin-transfer torque MRAM (STT-MRAM) still can't directly compete with NAND flash on capacity, but with 1Gb parts now in production and larger parts in development, STT-MRAM is becoming useful for a new class of applications. DDR memory controller IP that supports DRAM and Everspin's STT-MRAM is readily available, so designers of SSD...

Dual Xeon Scalable Overclocking: ASUS WS C621E 'Sage' Workstation Motherboard Announced

ASUS has quietly announced a new motherboard: the WS C621E SAGE (or just 'Sage' for short). This workstation class board offers users dual Intel LGA-3647 sockets with CPUs up...

48 by Joe Shields on 10/24/2017

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