PowerVR Series 6XT

Ryan touched on this in his excellent deep dive on Imagination's PowerVR Series 6XT GPU architecture earlier today, but I wanted to specifically call out the new high-end from IMG that was announced back in January. Pictured above is a high-level block diagram of the new PowerVR GX6650, this is IMG's answer to NVIDIA's mobile Kepler/Tegra K1. Below I've included a modified version of Ryan's comparison table from his architecture piece: GPU Specification Comparison NVIDIA K1 Imagination PowerVR GX6650 Imagination PowerVR G6430 Imagination PowerVR G6230 FP32 ALUs 192 192 128 64 FP32 FLOPs 384 384 256 128 Pixels/Clock (ROPs) 4 12 8 4 Texels/Clock 8 12 8 4 GFLOPS @ 300MHz 115.2 GFLOPS 115.2 GFLOPS 76.8 GFLOPS 38.4 GFLOPS Architecture Kepler Rogue (Series 6XT) Rogue (Series 6) Rogue (Series 6) I tossed in the Series 6 PowerVR G6430 as a comparison point. The G6430 is the GPU in the iPad Air/iPad mini with Retina Display/iPhone 5s. If Apple decides...

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