Intel has filed a permit application that outlines significant expansion plans for its campus near Hillsboro, Oregon. According to filings submitted to state regulators, the tech giant's ambitious proposals include a fourth expansion phase for the D1X research facility and an upgrade of the older D1A fab situated on the same 450-acre property. The planned enhancements will take place at the company's Gordon Moore Park (previously known as Ronler Acres) campus, according to a 1,100-page air-quality permit application submitted by Intel to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality back in July. While the filings highlight Intel's intention to upgrade its existing facilities and build some additional capacity, they do not contain a specific financial outline for these projects. Furthermore, they indicate Intel's potential plans, not...

A Visit to Intel’s D1X Fab: Next Generation EUV Process Nodes

On a recent trip to the US, I decided to spend some time criss-crossing the nation for a couple of industry events and spend some of the time visiting...

38 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 2/16/2022

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