GTS 450

Prohibitively expensive gaming machines are nice to look at but such a nasty hit to the wallet that they can feel impractical. We thought the recently-reviewed iBuyPower Paladin XLC was fairly reasonable for its price, but that price was still north of two large. The Gamer Xtreme 8500 from CyberPower presents an alternative somewhat friendlier to the pocketbook, boasting a formidable overclock from the factory on the processor and two brand new GeForce GTS 450's in SLI. Is it worth your gaming dollar?

NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 Launch Roundup: Asus, EVGA, Palit, and Calibre Overclocked and Reviewed

Wrapping up our two part series about NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTS 450, we have our in-depth look in to the vendor cards. As was the case with the GTX...

17 by Ryan Smith on 9/13/2010

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