CRU last week took over ioSafe, creating a company that owns both software and hardware assets to create disaster-resistant storage solutions. Given their different specialties, CRU and ioSafe do not have products that compete directly against each other, so the product lineups of both companies will continue to complement each other in CRU’s future family of devices. ioSafe sells fireproof and waterproof NAS and storage servers. This somtimes includes servers designed by other companies, such as Synology. ioSafe’s products are aimed at clients from military or manufacturing industries who need disaster-resistant storage solutions and in some cases are tailor-made. By contrast, CRU develops and builds its products in house and specializes on rugged storage solutions for audio/video production, business markets, digital forensics investigators and so...

CRU ToughTech Duo C Storage Enclosure (2x 2.5" to USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C) Review

Storage bridges come in many varieties within the internal and external market segments. On the external side, they usually have one or more downstream SATA ports. The most popular...

25 by Ganesh T S on 11/18/2016

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