LAS VEGAS, NV — In addition to a host of new M.2 SSDs, Mushkin introduced two new USB-based products at CES 2018: the CarbonEXT new external SSD as well as the Swap family of USB drives that feature both USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors. The Mushkin CarbonEXT external SSD comes in a metallic rubber-padded enclosure and is based on the Silicon Motion SM2258XT controller, 3D TLC NAND memory as well as ASMedia’s ASM1153E bridge. The CarbonEXT uses a USB 3.0 interface, so its performance is capped at 450 MB/s sequential read/write speed as well as 45K random read/write IOPS because of interfaces limitations (due to overhead incurred by 8b/10b encoding). Meanwhile, power consumption of the SSD barely exceed 3 - 5 W, so it...

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