AC Ryan

AnandTech started covering the media streamer market last year. Thanks to the support of readers like you, the response has been very encouraging. Over the last few months, manufacturers have been willing to talk to us about their proposed products in advance of their launch. This has given us some opportunities to provide feedback and make a request for features that we think are indispensable. We had already talked about A.C.Ryan's entry into the US market in our CES 2011 coverage. One of the products that was covered in the press release was the second generation PlayOn!HD streamer. The PlayOn!HD lineup was A.C.Ryan's flagship last year, but that position has been taken over by the A.C.Ryan Fluxx. However, A.C.Ryan is continuing their PlayOn!HD product lineup...

A.C.Ryan Enters US Market with Innovative Media Players

At CES 2011, A.C.Ryan, a Dutch company with only a small reseller presence in the US, invited us over to their private suite to talk about their plans for...

31 by Ganesh T S on 1/18/2011

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