Alongside Intel’s bevvy of 14th Generation Core product announcements for desktop and mobile today, the company is also releasing a collection of new SKUs under their new Core (Series 1) branding, aligning with Intel’s recently launched Meteor Lake architecture Core Ultra chips. Based on Intel’s existing Raptor Lake silicon, which was first introduced last year, the new Core U-series chips are aimed at the low-power thin & light notebook segment, and will fill out the Core chip lineup with a trio of cheaper parts using last-generation technology. Keeping things short and sweet, there are just 3 new Core U-series chips, covering the Core 7, Core 5, and Core 3 segments respectively. Under the hood there’s nothing here that we haven’t already seen before with the...

Intel Unveils 13th Gen Core Mobile Processors: Raptor Lake-HX, H, P, and U Series, Up To 24 Cores

Not just focused on their new 13th gen Core desktop chips, Intel this morning is also kicking off 2023 for its mobile customers in a big way with the...

38 by Gavin Bonshor on 1/3/2023

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