After explaining what the bottlenecks the Celeron will face actually are it is time to see how it stacks up to the competition. As you can see, the limitations are definitely evident as the Pentium III 600E manages to come out on top of the Celeron 600 by about 17%. But as we already explained, this 17% differential is because of the memory/FSB frequencies and not the L2 cache size advantage of the Pentium III.

For comparison's sake, a regular Pentium III 550 (Katmai core) with 512KB L2 cache running at 1/2 clock speed on our 133A test bed pulls in with a score of 22.8 which is higher than the new Celeron at 600MHz on the same test bed. So even with a slower L2 cache, the older Pentium III can outpace the newer Celeron because of the limitations of the Celeron's 66MHz bus.

The Test BAPCo SYSMark 2000 Performance
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